If seeds are sown at an apt hour there is a high possibility of getting a very good harvest. Seeds of corn, wheat etc sown at the start of monsoon season get the opportunity of growing in thousands of more such grain. If we miss this optimal time and sow the same seeds in other seasons, the results will be mediocre. Women’s uplifting the world over too is such a harvest. The grand omen of 21st century is such an hour wherein efforts made for women’s uplifting there is an extraordinary possibility of it blooming. For this mission nature has imbibed all sorts of conduciveness. When speedy winds blow from behind our vehicles move faster. Yet if these blow from the opposite direction definitely one’s progress is stalled and our speed will lessen a great deal. Grass, leaves etc move speedily in river water along with the current and reach their destination relatively faster. If this conduciveness gets obstructed there will occur stoppages and delay. The commencement of the 21st century is such wherein all efforts made for world women’s progress will bloom much more than expected and success will be ours for the asking.

By itself both at the individual and collective level small-big efforts have been made for women’s awakening but since there was lack of conduciveness in the flow of divine grace very little help was attained. Today the situation has changed drastically. The flow has meandered and promises speedy success. Possibilities are in the offing in such a manner that if even minor efforts these days are made for progress great success will be reaped. In comparison to what one had thought of and yearned for, what will be attained will be manifold. Even if no external help is seen yet akin to greenery of rain shower various basis of women’s progress will sprout forth. The potential of greatness very naturally will increase and gather momentum when spring season arrives despite lack of external help small-big trees bloom forth with fragrant flowers and luscious fruits. Then if on such occasions we water trees and add fertilizers the speed of their growth will be that much faster.

That which has been pressurized and oppressed for long if given conduciveness, will rise up with greater verve and zest. On this very basis various revolutions in this world have been ushered in. When the suppressed wrath of races that have been relegated backward and harassed gets an optimal atmosphere a great onrush of change is seen and its results too seem miraculous. In the entire world within various communities when great transformations have been authored by extraordinary people at that time these very principles are at work. The same will be seen these days with reference to women’s all round elevation.

For centuries and thousands of years by looking upon females as weak they were labeled 2nd class citizens. Those comforts and facilities given to men were kept far away from the grasp of women. It was thought necessary that women wear veils but never have we seen any male follow suit. Women were forced to ascend the funeral pyre of their deceased husbands (Sati tradition) but never can we find examples of husbands ascending the funeral pyre of their dead wives. After one’s husband died, the wife was not allowed to remarry but no such problem was faced by husbands whose wives passed away. Without male protection a women could never go out of her house whereas no such obstacles were faced by males. A man could take up any profession but if women tried to do the same they were reprimanded. A lot of money was spent for males as far as education, fashion and enjoyment was concerned yet women did not get even one of these. Thus despite being brothers and sisters of one family a lot of inequality existed between the two genders. A girl was sent to her in laws house for life by her parents but boys were never sent thus. If you inspect minutely such inequality based obstructions reside between males and females wherein males never faced any sort of obstacle. By drilling holes in the ears and nose of women they are rendered ugly and tamed like animals but it was not thought that males too should undergo all this. All this reeks of total injustice. Two equal aspects of one single race are measured differently. Thus over here there is no sign of justice and equality noted. Women have to wear clothes and cover their bodies in such a way that her identity is separate. When this disparity increases the difference reaches such levels, that they are looked upon as different creatures. This doubtlessly is nothing but double standards as a result the situation has become this dire. Women who have faced oppression for great lengths of time can longer endure all this. She is now venting her wrath which is apt to usher in a world revolution.

Now the hour has arrived to witness reactions. When a cyclone manifests it carries with it all dirt at one shot. The 21st century too is manifesting with its terrible storm wherein women will be totally transformed and world society too will change positively. All trends will reform and leadership in all fields of life will be in the hands of women.

When autumn arrives old withered leaves of a tree fall off on its own and in a short while new leaves appear on them. Thus when the process of transformation is complete at spring time the trees start bearing fragrant flowers and juicy fruits. The same mode of transformation will be witnessed shortly the world over. That male class which left no stone unturned to harass their female counterparts, will henceforth sanctify all atrocious acts performed so far and atone for their sins.

In this mission not only will men cooperate to help women march ahead from the mundane standpoint but will see to it that akin to ancient eras women are revered as goddesses. This is the demand of time and call of justice. This is also called the Super Revolution. In the near future not only will women become more capable than men from all standpoints but that she will also exhibit the fact that on getting a golden opportunity she can manifest her natural supremacy.

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