The unforeseen situations brought about by the pandemic changed the world, as we know it, in unprecedented ways. Not only did it impact the way we live and work, but also the learning experience of children. For many parents, the pandemic struck at a time when they had just started considering preschools to get their tiny tots enrolled. The circumstances made all those plans to be put off for months, thereby increasing the worries of the parents about starting the academic journey of their young ones.

Fret no more as we, at DPS Kota, have now introduced our Homeschooling Program for the little buds of pre-primary classes. Our experienced management team, led by the dedicated Pro-Vice Chairperson Ms. Meenakshi Singh Pathania, believe that an interactive homeschooling experience can be an effective way to get the kids started on the right note. Especially in the current times of pandemic when the fear of COVID infection is looming large and young children particularly stand at high risk, homeschooling emerges as the only feasible option to impart quality education to pre-primary children while letting them study at home.

On that note, let’s delve deeper into the core features of our homeschooling program, which make it the perfect platform for providing the young buds with quality education within the comforts of your home.

Interactive modules and videos to deliver an engaging experience

The first and foremost aspect that we have focused on while developing our homeschooling program is to deliver an engaging learning experience through the inclusion of interactive audio-visual aids. As a result of this, all our study modules have been made highly engaging to hold the attention and capture the interest of our little geniuses.

The program also includes one virtual class every week, where children get to interact and communicate with our expert teachers. It helps them establish a socio-emotional connect with the teachers and enables them to understand the concept of the student-teacher relationship, thereby easing their transition to the full-fledged education system in the later years. 

Parenting workshops by top experts to further ease out the process

We completely understand that a homeschooling program is a newer concept for the parents, and they might need a bit of guidance on how to proceed with the program. Additionally, they would also have queries and doubts regarding how to aid their homeschooled children and deal with the present times.

At DPS Kota, the role of parental involvement has always remained undeniable, and thus, we have roped in top experts to conduct regular parenting workshops as part and parcel of our homeschooling program to ease out the entire process for them.

Well-designed study material and advanced teaching methodologies

The main pillar of strength of our homeschooling program is its high-quality study materials and effective teaching methodologies. And it is our years of experience in educating children backed by in-depth research into the suitability of a curriculum for homeschooling, which has immensely helped us in this regard.

The curriculum of our homeschooling program is thus not only age-appropriate and easy to grasp but also emphasizes on strengthening the foundation of learning for the kids. Per se, the aim is to ensure that their academic journey for the progressive years gets smoother.

Weekly feedback mechanism to keep track of the progress

The presence of a dedicated feedback mechanism is crucial to improve the enthusiasm, self-awareness, and confidence of kids towards learning. In 1993, the British educational and training developer Phil Race had compared feedback to ripples in water. As per Race, feedbacks are like ripples that start from a point and keep on going and increasing in intensity. In a similar manner, feedbacks play a vital role in increasingly deepening and improving the overall teaching-learning process.

As one of the top schools in Kota, our goal is to offer exceptional and wonderful opportunities for kids to acquire new skills while staying in their familiar environment. And with the holistic approach to learning that is at the core of our homeschooling program, we, at DPS Kota, are here to prepare the tiny tots for the future brilliance coming their way.

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We, at DPS Kota, one of the most highly trusted schools in Kota, entirely agree with Race’s views on the significance of continuous feedback. And, in our program, we have set up a system of weekly feedback and monitoring on the Zoom platform, which aligns with our aim of sustained progress for all our students.