When it comes to home decoration, it always is ‘personal’ and should be! You have all the freedom to make your home appear anyhow you desire. However, all aspects of home decor converge at one central aspect: it should be a reflection of your persona. Personifying your house is easier said than done! Often people are coming across design pitfalls that may appear very “obvious to avoid” to pro-designers but a lot of us make them all the time! In this guide, we are going to jot together some common design mistakes that most homeowners have made while decorating their homes...

Decor Sin # 1: The Fabric OCD: You don’t want to match the fabric selection for your entire house or a room (even!); without appearing to be obsessive about it. Now, it doesn’t imply that you let loose an absolute fabric-chaos - your fabric selection should coordinate but it makes everything seem a bit more alive if you bring in some variations here and there (e.g. choose some trendy throw pillows).

Decor Sin # 2: The Paint Rush: Since home decor takes a lot of time, it is only natural to get done with the tasks as quickly as possible and with wall-paints, it is a strong instinct. However, before you paint all the walls, you should always test a patch in every room (preferably in daylight and at night, both). The color, when applied to the wall, might appear entirely different than the catalog and it would definitely vary hues throughout the day. To avoid this decor-sin, might seem tedious and tiring but its all worth the effort. You will save a lot of money, time, energy and disorientation at the end.

Decor Sin # 3: The Rug Riddle: Sometimes we have to compromise on our budget and go with a small rug that is thrown at the room’s center, however, this compromise can turn your room decor to appear weak and off-beat. You can simply skip a rug if your budget isn’t supporting a well-sized rug option. As a rule of thumb, the rug should be large enough to touch all the furniture in a room.

Decor Sin # 4: Are You Forgetting The Entryway? If you did commit this design mistake, you ought to rectify as soon as possible. This is a big “No-No” in the design world. An entryway is the first impression that your home is going to make on your guests/visitors and would set the mood. You need to make sure that the entryway to your house is alive, vibrant and casts a positive vibe. Play with fun colors, patterns and textures to add style and elegance to your theme.

Decor Sin # 5: Furniture Arrangement: Well, the one thing that you must not do while arranging the furniture is to push everything against the wall. Stacking the furniture beside the wall is not only old school, but it also makes your room appear small. The alternative option is to arrange it away from walls and play around a little with arrangement options.

Decor Sin # 6: Don’t Go the Cheap Route: We all discounts and cheap items, however, it is pertinent to stay ahead on the market trends and scrutinize the product quality. If you are filling your house with cheap items, it would cast an uncomfortable shadow on you and your guests. So, stick to quality instead of the price (making a bargain between the two is always the best way to go).

Decor Sin # 7: Get Rid of Stuff You Dislike: If you have been compromising on “that” very ugly rug or an outdated side table; it would be a smart idea to just get rid of them. When you just horde stuff that doesn’t even make sense to you or fall into the category of your favorite items, there is little point in keeping up with them at all. You can use Dumpster Rental Service to get rid of stuff you dislike.

Decor Sin # 8: The Curtain Curation: It’s a commonly used rule of thumb to keep the curtains long (floor to ceiling) as it would make the room appear larger. Curtains that would hang midway, pointlessly, would be nothing less than unattractive.

Decor Sin # 9: Rug-Free Washroom: Selecting shag-rugs for your washroom is undoubtedly a bad choice and it appears disgusting (to be frank). So, if you do want to have a rug in your washroom area then go for some flatweave rug or an outdoor one (they are easy to clean and look amazing).

Decor Sin # 10: Say No to Fake Flowers: Fake flowers are a cheap getaway and they don’t look less fake (not to mention the tons of dust particles that they attract). Adding fresh flowers to your space really makes a huge difference! It is a trendy idea to make use of fresh fruits or any read produce items.

Decor Sin # 11: Stay Proportionate: When it comes to furniture, you need to keep in mind that crowding the space with any furniture type would only make it appear like a clutter. Certainly, no homeowner wants that. Disproportionate furniture (too big or small) would make a room appear very uncomfortable and off-beat. If you really adore an overstuffed sofa, do consider whether the room is big enough to accommodate it.

Keeping the above-mentioned pitfalls in mind would save you from creating a big decor fiasco at your home. So, get on with the home decor spree and have fun (while avoiding these decor mistakes).

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