Now-a-days bomber jackets are part of the popular culture. But the fact everyone does not know that is the bomber jacket fashion is not recent but started many years ago.

Men’s classic MA1 bomber jackets are extremely comfortable and fashionable to wear. Although the fashion was introduced back in the late 1950s but the first official bomber jacket was launched in 1917.

These jackets were distributed to pilots and crews of the US air force and navy for it’s lightweight texture.

Back that time new aircraft was introduced and to achieve a secure flight the old leather jackets were not safe. As the material of leather is voluminous which will become heavier if it gets wet by getting linked with any kind of water substance, it was avoided to use.

The jacket kept everyone warm and waterproof. The material they used to make these jackets are nylon fabrics and the interlining is made by polyester.

The fabric they used to generate these jackets are very high in quality and light-weighted.

Although the MA-1 jackets were for the air force but later it became available for civilians and became fashionable worldwide. Specifically, in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. The jacket also became very popular in Europe, Australia even in North America during winter. The American production company assembled the jackets with many colors but highlighted navy blue and sage green. These two are the traditional colors as they were used by the militaries.

The men’s classic MA1 bomber jacket has been in fashion for a very long time. It came into popular culture in the late 80’s. Many famous movies or shows including Pulp Fiction, The 100, MacGyver, The Hunter, 24 featured bomber jackets from time to time. Many well known band members and singers wore bomber jackets on their music videos or concerts back then.

The color of bombers might change and many kinds of bomber jackets arrived in fashion and the trend never went off. Now from celebrities to general people everyone owns a bomber jacket. The trend has even set the bomber jacket designs to be suitable for both genders now.

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