The first ones to truly begin the process of surrogacy in this world are the American Indians way back in 1899. If an Indian woman is found unable to bear a child for whatever reason, her husband would go to their chief and ask for help. He could also ask for help in medicine men who would give her wife some herbal medications. If herbal medications would not help and the medicine men will say that nothing can be done, then the husband would be allowed by the chief to take another woman in the tribe and make her pregnant in hope to be able to father a son that would carry the tribe. The barren wife would have no relations to the child and the child would stay with his birth mother.
Nowadays, we are lucky that due to the technology in this field, a woman can feel safe even if someone else is carrying her child. This is how surrogate agency Florida can help many couples to have their own child. The technology solution has helped a lot of heartache for many families.
Different Surrogacy Laws in the States

Surrogacy is not permitted and legal on some states. However, there are a handful of states that have clear laws and statutes that protect surrogacy. One of the few states that protect surrogacy is Florida. Since surrogacy is well protected in this state it has become an excellent location for the process of surrogacy. Currently, there are two statutes in Florida on surrogacy these are:

1. Florida Statute 63.212(1)(i) this law provides protection for intended parents who would like to enter into the process of surrogacy. An agreement between both intended parents and surrogate mother must be first established. This statute is intended for traditional surrogacy.

2. Florida Statute 742.15 this law protects the welfare of both intended parents and surrogate mother who are entering into an agreement for gestational surrogacy. An agreement to relinquish the rights of the surrogate mother to the intended parents is important for this statute.

Since surrogacy is well protected in Florida, intended parents can get full protection and expect reliable services from Surrogate agency Florida.

Ideal Place for the Process of Surrogacy

Florida has some of the most defined and comprehensive laws and statutes on surrogacy. Their stipulations and laws have provisions that protect the child, the intended couples, the egg donor and the surrogate mother.

Gestational surrogacy is regulated through the paternity statute in Florida. Their laws provide legal assurance for egg donors, surrogate mothers and the intended parents. For couples who have difficulty in bearing a child and can only opt for gestational surrogacy then Florida is very ideal for them because of their laws.

Entering into a surrogacy arrangement can be a complicated matter for both parties because this process involves the coordination of legal, medical and mental health experts. Hiring surrogate agencies can provide great assistance on all important matters on surrogacy. They can provide good referrals for reliable Florida surrogates for intended parents. It is very important to check local state laws on surrogacy because not all states do permit this process and legal complications may arise if legal processes are not checked and met.

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