Sri Vrindavan is situated 10 kilometers away from Shri Mathura Ji. Lord Shri Krishna believed Vrindavan as his own House and lived in Sri Vrindavan Dham along with Shri Radha Rani or other family members. There was Goloka inside the world, which is Vrindavan Dham.

Once Lord Shri Krishna said to Shri Radha Ji, O precious, come with us to the earth. Shri Radha Ji said while agreeing, O Lord, there's no devote Yamuna river. Girigovardhan isn't there. I do not feel like visiting this place. God manifested eighty-four ko land, Govardhan mountain along with Yamuna river on earth ground. Therefore Brijbhoomi is admired in most of the locos.

Accurately why Vrindavan is named Vrindavan, there is also a legend about it.
She was a perfect woman. Who worshiped her husband such as a God. Due to the worship of all Shri Vrinda Ji, her partner got supernatural forces. As a result which her husband had defeated heaven with his strength. Regardless of her husband might have deteriorated due to Mr. Vrinda's ringing. Due to which all the gods went to Lord Vishnu together with Lord Brahma and prayed to Lord Vishnu to decode the Basis of Vrinda. For the good of the earth, Lord Vishnu had to decode Vrinda ji's saintliness. Vrinda Ji, the God, murdered Vishnu to develop into a black stone. (Because of which Lord Shri Vishnu became a black stone. That we worship as Lord Sri Salagrama.) Seeing this, all the gods appeared on him told Vrinda Ji concerning the whole episode why God had to decode his sattva. This was only following this episode that Vrinda Ji was named Tulsi. And he had been lucky to be the tree among most of the trees and fortunate that you will probably be seated in Vrindavan being a shrub named Vridavani. Without the leaves of one's tree, the worship of Lord Vishnu could be considered incomplete.

Once Shri Narada, Shri Tirtharaj attained Prayag Raj. Tirtharaj welcomed him and how he became Tirtharaj. Narrated the Entire incident to Narada. Mr. Narada requested. Kriya Vrindavan also involves pay taxes like different pilgrimages. Shri Narada Ji said, and how can you become a pilgrimage. Teethraj failed to enjoy this. He went to God. God asked the reason behind Tirtharaj's arrival. Tirtha Raj told his grief and insisted God made me a Tirtha Raj. But Mr. Vrindavan does not come to cover my taxation. What's the reason for the I could not understand If anyone pilgrim doesn't come to pay me tax. Therefore it is unfair for me to become a pilgrimage place — not one of our planet Shri Vrindavan. Shri Vrindavan is the House and the beloved host to Shri Radha Rani Ji. He is the only man. I remain the same. For that reason, Shri Vrindavan Dham is absolutely free from all this.

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