Have you ever met someone that just blamed their lack of success on everyone or everything but themselves? Maybe you used to be that person. Perhaps, you still are that person. If you are, don't fret because there is definitely hope for you. I used to be the very thing I am writing to you about! Yes, I was negative, lacked confidence in my abilities, and I blamed everything else for the problems I was experiencing in my life. In reality, the only person responsible for the events and direction of my life, was myself. Playing the "blame game" has devastating effects on your life. It is important that you understand that this mind set leads to other damaging behaviors. Behaviors that will almost guarantee failure in everything that you do.
Let's look closely at them below.


This is where it all starts. What makes the behavior of giving excuses so dangerous, is that you can always come up with an excuse for anything! Having an excuse gives you a way out. Well, that's what you think at the time anyways. When I was in a very bad point in my life, I made excuses for everything. The reality, however, is that I made up those reasons because it prevented me from saying those two scary words. "I FAILED". Excuses can make things seem like everyone and everything else is wrong. You think that you are the one who is right but if you just take a step back your actions will tell the story. Are you where you want to be in your life? Did you accomplish everything you desire? I can guarantee you that you will be still stuck somewhere at square one. Read the following statement very carefully. In fact, memorize it and recite it to yourself whenever you feel like shifting your accountability to someone or something else.



Making excuses and procrastination are in the same family. Are your tasks not getting done? Not making enough money? You can simply blame the lack of time you have or the economy since many people still credit the recession for everything. After all everyone is completely unsuccessful because of the economy these days. I'm being very sarcastic here. There are many people that really have struggles based on our current economy. However, we are talking about people who place blame on any and everything. Anything they can grasp onto that will remove any accountability from themselves will be a target. There will always be something you can attempt to blame your failure on! You can put off today for tomorrow and justify your reasons for doing so all at the same time. Procrastination and making excuses simultaneously work together. This makes a lethal combination and dooms you to lack of achievement as long as you allow these behaviors to control your life.


Think about how much stress you place on yourself when you’re placing the blame on everything! I can personally assure you that you don't feel good about yourself at all when you’re not accomplishing any of your goals. The stress eventually takes a toll on your health and then you open yourself up to a whole different set of problems. There is so much negativity energy, thoughts, and outlooks you will be placing in your mind by constantly blaming all the time. Do you have any idea what this does to your body?! You will eventually wear down your mental and physical health. How will you be able to do anything without a healthy mind and body?
I have said it before and I will say it again. We only get one body, and we have to do our best to take care of it. There is nothing that will hinder any plan that you have, like sickness. I bet you didn't think that the blame game took a toll on your body did you? Well, its time you think again.

Low Self Esteem

What do you think all this does to your feeling of self-worth? How good can you possibly feel about yourself when your life has become a magnet for self-sabotage? Every person knows deep down inside whether or not they are responsible for the results they are getting in their lives. The truth is we are all responsible. You really experience a feeling of low self-worth when everything prospers around you. In your mind you know you are capable of the same prosperity as everyone else, but you've been playing the "blame game" for too long. It just comes natural to you. The only way to begin to restore your self-esteem is to take accountability. Be brutally honest with yourself. I must warn you. It won't be a pleasant experience but it will pay big dividends. If you sincerely do this, and you have a desire to change, you will see different results in your life. It all starts with you.

I made up my mind a while ago to stop playing the blame game. Life is full of many opportunities and if you don't take advantage of them someone else will. It’s time for you to have a nice talk with yourself in the mirror

Tell yourself that from this day forward that you are responsible. You will not blame anyone else for the position you are at in your life. The ability to change is within your power. It will not happen overnight, but you are committed to eliminating this self-destructive behavior. If you make this promise to yourself, it won't be long until you’re saying adios to the game of the blame!

Author's Bio: 

Meiyoko Taylor is a Entrepreneur, Speaker & Personal Development Coach. For the past 15 years he has been passionate about helping others improve their lives by providing them with the principles, strategies and resources they need to create their own path towards success. Strategies that fuel their Passion, Purpose, and Profits