TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS pads are used to sooth pain and aches, increase blood circulation, and loosen up stiff muscles. These pads are frequently used by Athletes to lessen the pain and most importantly to repair the damaged tissues.

These pads have made their way into the heart of America. Most people are now using it for one or the other reason. Not only that but scientists and Medical professionals have now advanced this same technology towards the treatment of Epilepsy (under strict supervision), Parkinson's disease and other disorders of the nervous system.

But most of the people are not aware about the WHAT NOT's of these TENS Pads. SantaMedical and Gurin products bring you the research that will help you to use your TENS/EMS Pads more effectively. This blog will Prevent you from any harm that might be caused by the wrong usage.


Although the TENS pads are effective in most situations but if you are feeling Numb or decreased sensation in any part of the skin due to nerve damage then the TENS pads will be less effective. Furthermore if you might also feel irritation due to the inability to feel current.

Some other areas where you should not place these TENS pads are:

1. Over Infections: The exact effect of electrical simulation over infections is Unknown, but there is a high risk of spreading of infection due to Muscle contraction. There is also high risk of cross contamination with the electrodes themselves.
2. Over Broken Skin or Wounds: This should be avoided mostly. Although they can be placed around the wounds.
3. Front of the Neck: The front area of your neck if electrically stimulated may lead to acute Low Blood Pressure and also might lead to Laryngospasm.
4. Through the Chest: The pads should not be place in a coplanar manner. They should not be placed on the front and back of chest simultaneously or on both the sides of the chest simultaneously.
5. Over the eyes or Spinal column: Both of these are sensitive areas and hence should be avoided. The eyes may develop increased Intraocular pressure.
6. Over a Tumor/ Malignancy: There are many cases where electricity promotes cell growth this can be life threatening, so avoid at all cost.


The reason we have put Pregnancy separately is self-explanatory. Motherhood brings pain and discomfort so mothers might get tempted to use TENS pads just as everybody else. But there is a simple precaution that they should be careful of apart from the above mentioned precautions

"Pregnant women should not use any TENS pad over or around the Uterus." says CEO Gurin products. This is because the effect on the Fetus is Unknown. Although they can be used on other areas upon Doctor's advice.

These may be called as the Hidden side of the TENS pads. Most people are Unaware about these things and companies can't care less, but we at "SantaMedical" and "Gurin products" care for the well-being of our customers.

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These pads have made their way into the heart of America. Most people are now using it for one or the other reason.