Approximately 4% of the people in the United States are suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome. Although it can happen to anyone at any age, most of these patients are women in their late thirties or early forties. Fibromyalgia is considered a syndrome because it has several symptoms in addition to pain. The HIDDEN protocol should be used to treat chronic fatigue, pain, and the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. It's very easy, and there isn't a secret formula. According to Dr. Maria Sulindro, who runs an upscale anti-aging practice in Pasadena, California ( managing these symptoms simply requires remembering what HIDDEN stands for.

H: stands for hormonal balancing. Most women with chronic pain have imbalanced hormones. Premenopausal women have an especially hard time; fibromyalgia worsens premenopausal symptoms for most of these women who are in that stage of life. Hormone balancing involves testing thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones.

I: stands for inflammation. This should be easy to remember, since inflammation is what causes the pain. One of the possible causes of the inflammation is chronic infection. Therefore, patients with flu-like symptoms should be checked to see whether they have an infection that must be eliminated. Antibiotics can be used if necessary; otherwise, there is a test to see whether any natural treatment would help.

D: The first D stands for detoxification, which is very important. Detoxification is a big issue that most doctors don't address when treating fibromyalgia. Patients are usually treated only for pain and insomnia, but detoxification is necessary.

D: The second D stands for diet evaluation and food coaching. It's very important for patients with fibromyalgia to avoid anything that triggers the symptoms. Some triggers are gluten, soy, salt, garlic, and processed food.

E: stands for the need to restore energy. These patients are so tired because they cannot sleep. It's a cycle; they're too tired to sleep, but lack of sleep makes them even more fatigued. Most of them can restore their energy by getting good sleep. It's important for them to regain their energy as soon as possible.

N: stands for nutrition. Lack of a good diet results in nutritional deficiencies. In order to correct these deficiencies, it is essential to evaluate the patient's nutrition level, personalize a plan, and replenish the nutrients. When this has been accomplished, nutritional products should be used to help them with all their symptoms.

Hormonal balancing, inflammation, detoxification, diet, energy, and nutrition: that is the HIDDEN formula for treating chronic pain, fatigue, and symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome. Patients who follow this formula should be able to reduce and even eliminate their symptoms.

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Dr. Cynthia Shelby-Lane, MD is a board certified anti-aging specialist, emergency physician, comedienne and talk show host who believes “laughter is good medicine”. Dr. Shelby-Lane has been seen and heard on local, state and national television and radio talk shows, educating Americans on a variety of medical issues.

ShelbyLaneMD is also the cief medical Officer for MVP Solutions, a network of healthcare professionals helping to change the health care delivery system and build health care centers worldwide. She is also the producer and host of a health teleseries called Conversations with Dr. Shelby-Lane, interviewing the best health experts on the planet.

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