The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul. ~ G. K. Chesterton

Do you know what the core skills are for successful goal creation? Here are some clues:

Identifying what you want
Create action steps for creating it
Analyze the results you get
Make a renewed plan based on your results
So if you were doing all that, why might you still not reaching goals on schedule? One of the main reasons folks are not reaching goals is very simple:

They don't realize how long it takes!

Persistence (or perseverance) is one of the key elements in goal achievement. And, luckily for us, we were born with the capability to persevere (or persist,) so I'm hoping that since you now know this, you will strongly consider how long it might take for you to achieve your goals this year.

Will you have to change strategies, adjust time frames, turn in a different direction, or even change jobs to achieve your goals? Yes, of course! All of those are possibilities, but because you are one heck of a persistent person, you take all those in stride.

Here are some ways to help you to persevere for all the time it may take you to achieve your goals:

1. Ease up on yourself!

Now that you know it's going to more than likely take more time than you thought, why not give yourself so much time that you'll surprise yourself and get it finished ahead of time?

Your goals aren't the be-all, end-all, do-all. They're just a target to keep you on the path; to keep you focused on achieving; to be sure you are using all that you are capable of using. Being the fullness of what you presently understand your current self and its level of unfoldment to be is so much easier than slaving away for some arbitrary time line, don't you think?

2. Double your time frame

We've led up to this one: you aren't giving yourself enough time which creates stress and a sense of failure. So give yourself double the time you think, or heck, triple the time! With a sense of ease, who knows what kind of strategies might come up in your imagination?

3. Focus on Enjoyment

I believe that the quickest way to earn future rewards is to be sure you are enjoying each one of your right-now moments. And if your mind just said "nah nah," I challenge you to spend one week focused on enjoyment. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover goal achievement while you're having fun! Instead of focusing on not reaching goals, you'll be enjoying goal success.

Author's Bio: 

Maria Khalifé insightfully teaches life-changing techniques. Universal spiritual principles support her methods of coaching, motivational speaking and workshop leading. Maria brings powerful Be the Change experiences to those seeking extraordinary lives who want to reach maximum potential through the discovery of a true dynamic and authentic self.