Did you know that "the Economy" and world affairs have nothing to do with your state of Prosperity? And the state of your bank account is a reflection of how you feel about yourself? But perhaps most shockingly… money issues are never about money! Many of us believe that if we had more money we would have more – success, status, security, happiness and even self-esteem. However money isn’t the source of any of these things. Money doesn’t even exist in REALity – it is only an energy and form of exchange that we made up. Yet we give it so much power. And isn’t it interesting how women in particular feel so insecure about money and use it as another way to measure how we measure up? The fact is, it is just one more way we deflect what is really going on inside and it is one more relationship we need to get square with if we are to heal this in-balance that has been created between our net-worth and our self-worth and, more poignantly, our soul-worth.

Here are three keys I have learned after 13 years as a Prosperity Coach spending thousands of hours talking to hundreds of women about money, energy and attracting and sustaining real abundance and prosperity:

1. Relate: First, you must create an intentional relationship with your money. I always tell my male clients, “Treat money like you would treat a good woman. Court it, nurture it, give it attention because if you fear it, are ambivalent about it, have a love/hate and thus push/pull dynamic with money, or avoid it all together, do you think you will ever attract it or that it will want to be around you?!” So, ladies, stop using that credit/debit card all the time! Get in touch with the actual green stuff! Hey, do you date your partner on-line with a screen in between you or do you get face-to-face? Nothing grows that is not nurtured - without our intention and attention.

2. Refocus to Receive: Though it sounds contradictory to point #1, you must stop chasing or seeking to have money. That seeking comes from a lack or scarcity mentality and means you are looking for something that is external – outside of yourself. Instead, if you understand that a block in prosperity/money always comes from a block in your emotional and energetic fields, you will instead refocus on opening the flow within YOU. How you treat your money is a mirror of how you treat yourself and Prosperity is directly related to the openness of your heart. Specifically this means that you know how to love yourself Divinely. You may think you know what this means, however, if you are struggling with money, simply – you don’t! We must stop looking outside and go within, heal our judgments, criticisms, wounds and love ourselves from a pure and all accepting place. Then we must stop numbing ourselves (or only trying to feel good) and allow ourselves to feel all of our feelings and hear our true hearts to at last become receivers of what is our Divine Right! Now I have nothing against having money or lots of it – but in order to attract it, we must become magnets of another kind, drawing money to us as a by-product of already being abundant rather than ‘in order to’ become abundant.

3. Release and Transcend: Finally, as the world shifts and we move into a new dimension and higher consciousness, we need to let go of money as the root of our identity – personally, societally, culturally, globally. What I know about our new reality is we will always have everything we need. Therefore, one of two things will occur – we will be able to manifest all the money we will ever need OR money will become obsolete. Either way, money will no longer be the center point - of what determines whether we are okay or secure in the world or, more to the point, whether we FEEL we are okay. Love is/will be the new currency. The place to earn this new currency and build up a reserve is from within, while growing the stock we already have, and that has always been there – from our inexhaustible reserve - our infinite connection to Source.

Author's Bio: 

Hillary Harris, founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is a Prosperity Coach, Intuitive Strategist, Spiritual Life Purpose & Ascension Guide and Radio Host whose provocative, mind-expanding messages help you uncover your heart’s desire, discover your true purpose, and create ‘soul’utions for authentic fulfillment. Make the connection between your money matters and what really matters! www.prosperitycoach.com and http://ascension360.net