A mobile phone or a smartphone is part and parcel of our daily lives. Modern civilization cannot think of a life without mobile phones. Almost five billion people on earth are currently using mobile phones which is astronomical in the manner of statistics and percentage.

1. How can a mobile phone cause health risks?

A mobile phone is an electronic device that is capable of transmitting data wirelessly. Every electronic device emits EMR or Electromagnetic Radiation. The amount of radiation is insignificant. But a mobile phone or a modern smartphone is capable of so many things that the radiation level is higher. We use mobile phones within our hands, close to our bodies all the time. We talk over the phone pressing it against the head. So, exposure to radiation is much higher than other electronic devices. But there is no definitive and confirming study found yet that links any kind of cancer-related issues to the use of mobile phones.

Especially brain cancer is a significant concern for obvious reasons. But some organizations have categorized phones as possibly carcinogenic. The word ‘possibly’ was used. So the study is not conclusive. But there is a hint that mobile phones are a possible risk factor for your health regarding cancerous diseases. Mobile phones are not only a risk for your cancer health. It can cause myriads of other problems for your health. Prolonged mobile phone use can mess up your circadian rhythm and cause sleeping disorders. The gamma-ray radiation can cause brain problems. The blue light emitting from the screen of the phone is harmful to the eye and brain also. Another group of scientists has found the heating of the mobile phone to cause more radiation-related hazards. When the phone heats up, and we press it against our head to talk, that specific region of our head gets an alarming level of radiation. Again, more study has to be done in this area to be more specific about the conclusion.

2. Mobile use and accidents

Fatal road accidents are occurring every day due to the use of improper mobile phone use. Talking or texting while driving is highly dangerous for you and the other people who are driving on the road. You are putting everyone at risk when you are taking your eyes off the road to read that quick text message. So that would be another factor of risk related to mobile usage on your health. Mobile phone signals have been found to be interfering with an aircraft communication system which could be disastrous. So, that is why you have to switch your phone to airplane mode when you are traveling on an airplane.

3. Using a mobile phone on the road

There is another significant risk factor for using the mobile phone. That is crossing the road using the phone or listening to music while using the road. This could be fatal in case of an accident. The driver might not see you and hit you. So that is another concern.
If you are a mobile phone user, try to keep the phone as away from your body as possible. Limit your talks. But no sickness comes preplanned. If you have concerns about your health as a senior citizen, you can get the Medicare Supplement plans 2019. You never know when illness might occur.

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