During healing sessions, Katrina began to see symbols and pictures. In the beginning, I did not pay attention. But the recurrence of visions attracted my interest. Looking through books, I learned about similar symbols. The visions came to Katrina either from her past lives or from the Cosmic Mind. The received information could no longer be ignored. At the same time, a jeweler came to me for treatment. I couldn’t believe this was just coincidence. The jeweler used Katrina’s drawings to make amulets and talismans.

The symbol of a triangle, which had come in curious form to Katrina, was made into a necklace and earrings. The triangle is one of the most ancient symbols known to mankind and has been used in amulets and talismans around the world. The adornment protected the wearer from dark forces and evil eyes. Look at those who wear an overabundance of jewelry. These people carry amulets and subconsciously are trying to protect themselves from powerful environmental influences. These adornments keep the attention away from their owner.

Look closely at the dollar bill or other U.S. currency. You will see a triangle and an eye. What do you think? What is their purpose?

The type of amulet or talisman used depends how developed the society or culture is. Many think amulets and talismans are the same, but they are different. Amulets protect their owners from misfortune, enemies, malicious wizards and evil eyes. Talismans bring good luck, love, happiness, health, authority and riches by attracting aid from the forces of quasimir or the invisible world to the owner. Usually talismans are carried on the body or are hung in certain places.

Some types of amulets have been known for thousands of years, such as the ankh, Seal of Solomon, Star of David, cross, swastika, scarab, horseshoe, and palm, to name a few.
In ancient Egypt, amulets were used both for the living and for the dead. Amulets with the name of one or many gods and consecrated by a sorcerer or priest were considered the strongest ones.

Archeologists found in Egypt more than 300 different types of amulets. Amulets for the heart were shaped in the form of a scarab. The scarab not only protected, it also gave new life to a body when certain words were carved into it. It is also one of the most popular amulets today. Another amulet is the Eye of Horus, the Egyptian god of light, used to protect against danger and safeguard good health. The ankh is the amulet of life. The figure of a frog symbolizes fertility and rebirth. The figure of a crab protects the owner from fever. Phalli, widely used in Egypt and South America, initially symbolized the power of nature. Later, the phallus was used to remove jealousy and destroy magic.
During the Roman Empire, Emperor Caracalla forbad amulets with his image under threat of punishment.

The gold or silver plate covered with tiny snakes or half moons and ancient writings served as amulets for the Jews. Soldiers carried them on their wrists during war. One of the most important amulets of the Jews is the Torah.

Excerpts from the Torah enclosed in cases are kept at entrance doors or carried as adornments to deflect the devil’s games and to protect from evil. Amulets in the form of letters served the ancient Jews, who believed God created the world by the letters of their alphabet and language. Each letter of the alphabet bears a certain amount of energy and miracle force. The name of God consists of four letters, but Jews are not allowed to speak it aloud as it carries both creative and destructive forces and affords protection from the devil.
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Rachel Madorsky, award-winning internationally published author, is one of those rarely gifted people with immense extrasensory abilities.
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