The happiest people ever - can include you or it can describe someone else you heard about someplace. The person standing next to you could be extremely happy.

I want to be known as happy. Through struggles and tragedy I am promised that God only wants good for me. I believe it's a choice to learn and know happiness. There may be degrees of happiness some days. Sometimes I seem more or less happy but generally we must decide to be happy and grateful; just do it. We may not happy about a situation or a sadness but in spite of it all, we can live happy lives.

People in the media, on TV, in the movies and ads look happy. Too often we find out they've been married multiple times or use excessive alcohol and drugs. Too often people emulate celebrities and they are not the happiest people ever. I am saddened by the addiction to celebrity in the U.S. I believe it's the idealism that guides those who follow celebrity lives' closely. Everything looks pretty and happ, we do not know if happiness dwells deep inside; it could all be facade for our viewing.

Truth about ourselves must come into play, We we must seriously think before we can take responsibility and change for the better. There are life issues that make us grumpy and cause us to complain. We must stop being grumpy and delete complaining attitudes. We must look for the good and never be judgmental; these are tall orders.

1. Be truthful and authentic without hurting others. Be caring and giving because your heart is big enough to share.

2. Be loving and kind even when people do not deserve your thought. Listen to them when they need for you to hear them.

3. Make a commitment to realize your value and prove to yourself how important your attitude is to people around you.

If your friends keep you from doing what is right - change your friends or move away. Have empathy only for those who have a good influence on you.

I have watched the shows about interventions for addictions. When those who are in rehab leave and go back to their old neighborhoods and friends, they usually slip back into old habits. The cycle begins again. They are in a black hole and cannot stay out of it.

Keep your head above water. Find true faith and joy. Reach out for truth and the love of our Creator. Stretch and bloom into the light that is available because God made it so. I join you in blooming more every day as I walk this earth. I join you in knowing that if I feel I have no value, I am diminishing the power of God who made me.

Stand brave. Stand strong. Stand committed. Bloom until people see you shining above the crowd. Love beyond compare.

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Love that you stop by. My mission is to encourage and inspire you to walk through life fulfilled, satisfied, changing your life toward full blooming each and every day. Bloom profusely!

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Jan Miesse is an acclaimed speaker, mentor, and now, author, with her new breakout book, Bloom Girl Bloom. In writing Bloom Girl Bloom, Jan has conversed with women around the world about their aspirations, their hopes and dreams and how they are influenced by life choices and experiences. Follow Jan’s easy to learn concepts and you will pick yourself up from the ordinary, become extraordinary, and Bloom Girl Bloom.
Jan is an astute businesswoman, having owned several businesses and has served on leadership boards of numerous organizations.