Learn Your Triggers and Fun Mental Exercises To Develop Your Intuition!

What would it be like if your higher awareness was running your life? I bet you’d improve your health, finance, relationships, family and career! In part one, I shared how many of us receive messages to guide us or we ignore them and regret it later. It’s truly all about trusting yourself and believing that what you’re getting is right. Once you get more in tuned with who you are, you’ll pay attention to your patterns and live life with EYES WIDE OPEN…meaning opening your third eye as well.

Here are several popular ones that most people get. You may have another one to add, but the key is spending time learning YOURSELF so that you are aware when they happen.
Goosebumps: This is definitely one of my top triggers. Usually after I say something that is spot on, I get goosebumps. For me, it’s a good trigger, a confirmation. For you, it might mean something else. My clients laugh at me all the time, since I say that “I just goosebumps, so you know what that means!”

Stomach: squirmy feeling, butterflies, churning, there are all types of feelings you might get in your belly. Pay attention!

Voice in head: You might hear your own voice, you might hear your mother’s voice, etc…but take note to the messages you get. If you start answering back to the voice, then I suggest some counseling. This article doesn’t go that deep. LOL

Dreams: My favorite dream dictionary -hands down is swoon.com. If you have vivid dreams, have a notebook by your bedside and write them down the second you wake up before you forget the key elements. You know by time you brush your teeth, it’s…POOF! GONE! So, write it down right away.

Reading people’s energy—how you feel when speaking with someone. Their body language, eye contact or lack of it. Come on, we usually know when someone isn’t who they say they are or kind of shifty! (Always ask yourself ‘Do I like, trust and respect them?’)

You might get one of these triggers or all of the above.
I hope by now you know that the myth about intuition is that you must be gifted, it’s some special power, and that only a select few have it. The truth is WE ALL HAVE IT. The question is…do you choose to ignore your power and suffer the consequences or embrace your power and live life at full awareness?
How Can Your Intuition Help You?
Getting a job
It can help you from staying or leaving a relationship.
Business deals
Starting a new partnership
Spending money on something that might be worth it.

We’re trained to be logical and if it’s hard to explain then it just can’t “be”. Well, the unexplainable gut reactions will save you in the long run!

Here are some fun exercises you can use to improve your “third eye” and gain your confidence in following your gut. Find a friend or family member to play with! You can try it daily for a week and you’ll see an improvement. Get ready because you might shock yourself!

Before you do the exercises, try deep breathing for a few moments and also meditate for 5-15 minutes if you have time. Learn more about mediation here!

Journaling morning or night can also help you get to know yourself more. Go here!
Intuition games

1. Guess what I have on—via phone: Close your eyes and try to figure out what color your friend has on, what patterns if you see them, and if you really want to show off…what kind of material is it? Denim, cotton, silk, etc..

2. Guess what time it is: Pretty simple, before looking at the clock, guess the exact time. You probably do this already and don’t even think of it as a big deal.

3. Guess who is calling you: No cheating! This is before you look at caller ID!

4. Guess a song or artist is on radio before you turn it on.

5. Magazine game: Have your friend hold a magazine or book and guess what color it is, who is on the cover, what mood does it bring you. (I’m just letting you know. This one freaks me out all the time. Lol)

6. My favorite!: Guess what photo is in the envelope—sitting back to back with a person who is holding the envelope and thinking about the image inside of it.

With lots of practice you’ll see just how much you are capable of. So, now what are you going to do wth your new-found super powers? LOL Open up a tarot card shop? Buy a crystal ball and join the circus? Well..not quite.

You’ll be more at ease and trusting with the feelings and images that your received. You’ll be living life and you won’t call things coincidences as much anymore, nor will you think you’re crazy…you will be living your life FULL OUT.
Once you see how right you can be, you’ll learn that intuition is not something magical, untouchable or something only swamis on a street fair can use. It’s a gift we all possess. Use it…it’s there for you! Don’t be afraid of it. Remember to Own Your Power!

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Edgar Cayce (Most Documented): http://www.edgarcayce.org/ Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) has been called the “sleeping prophet,” the “father of holistic medicine,” and the most documented psychic of the 20th century.

“Become comfortable with your intuitive voices and hear them as loving guides from the nonphysical, spiritual world… The next time you have an intuitive notion that you are tempted to ignore, choose to follow its lead. You must learn to cultivate the habit of trusting your intuition. Notice the outcome of your intuitive action. Begin to notice all the beneficial results that flow into your life when you follow your intuitive voice. Those inner conversations that you have, those debates about what to do and which course to take, can best be resolved by simply asking ” What is the choice that will keep me on purpose?” Then go in that direction one step at a time. Before long, your intuition will become your most trusted companion, one that you will value and celebrate as it surfaces within your mind… My own personal formula is this: If I feel it, it is real; because it is real I refuse to ignore it.”
- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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