When I was speaking to Errol Campbell a while back, he ended up talking about how one of his family member used to read tea leaves. When they did this, he said that they would say more or less say the same thing to everyone who had a reading.

There was then nothing personal about the reading; there was a formula, and this formula was always applied. After this he spoke about tarot readings, with this being something that he had been into in the past

Looking Within

He went on to say that the answers we seek are within us and that we don’t need to look towards these external tools. Our heart, and the area behind where our heart is, is where he said that these answers are to be found.

It was then crazy to look externally for answers when all the guidance we needed was within us. I could relate to what he was saying as I have had numerous readings over the years.


When I look back, I would say that the main reason I was having these readings was because I was looking for support. I wanted to be told that everything would be ok and that good things would happen in the future.

There were things that I wanted to experience and I thought that the person in front of me would be able to tell me give me the assurance that I needed. Consequently, this meant that I was giving my power away to someone else.

Out of My Control

A tarot reading was then going to define whether to not something would happen for me, meaning that I played no part in what would happen. Ultimately, I saw myself as having no control over my life and this then caused me to have this outlook.

What I really needed was for one of these readers to point out that I felt powerless and that I needed to deal with the trauma that was within me. If this had taken place, I would have been able to realise that my power was not out there.

A Natural Consequence

In addition to feeling powerless, I was also out of touch with my heart and body; which meant that I relied on my mind for answers. Through being this way, it was perfectly normal for me to look towards people like this for answers.

Some of the things that they said would happen, happened, but most of what they said would happen, didn’t happen. What occurred to me was that I was opening my mind up to these people and allowing them to plant seeds.

A Different Approach

This was then similar to how someone can to go their doctor and allow this person to define long they will live for. Through having built them up in their mind, they will have come to see them as a godlike figure.

Through working through the layers of my own trauma, I was gradually able to get in touch with my own inner power and it got easier for me to connect to my own inner guidance. So, if you can relate to this and you no longer want to rely on others for guidance, I would encourage you to get the assistance that you need to work though your own pain.

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