Google’s Android - with its blizzard of applications - has stimulated the smart-phone application development market. The massive increase in consumer demand for smart phones has created a mini boom in the Mobile Application Development market, especially in the Android Application Development market. Today, there are many IT firms which have branched out their businesses into various verticals, and are offering Hire Android Application Development Services. You can easily contact them in order to Hire Android Developer.

“A smart phone is like a stake in the ground, while Android app is like a marker changing the way users look at mobile devices,” say mobile application analysts. It suffices to say, the world of Android application development is evolving at a breakneck pace. This is because the incredible Android app developers and their companies have enabled apps to avoid being weak links in the promising world of mobility.

A recent study highlighted three popular Android applications, which are as follows:

Games: A recent study by Sydney University reveals that 93% of Android smart-phone consumers use the Android phone for games. These are the most favorite and most downloaded apps for any Android handhelds. This prompts a smart business owner to build games advertising their business in order to reach out to the smart-phone users, and increase potential business.

Social Networking apps: Social Networking is a rapidly growing market with Facebook and Twitter becoming the most visited websites on Android smart-phones. Combine them with the major demand for chat applications, it should be understood that social networking apps will define the future for many businesses.

Infotainment: Applications like information and entertainment have broad appeal to businesses of all sizes. These types of Android apps open up opportunities for business services. For instance; there’s a company in Alaska and it provides a free application on Alaska Travel Information. Travelers download the application and use it to find the city’s major attractions.

Android app developers who build custom applications for Android platform take advantage of Google technologies such as Android SDK. This Android application development toolkit comprises two key components:

1) Emulator: It provides device emulation environment, which allows developers to develop, test and debug Android apps in a real run-time mode.

2) Development Tools plugin: It creates integrated development environment, which streamlines the Android application development process.

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