The GROW model is a widely used tool for setting and achieving goals. I certainly have found it invaluable and whether or not you have used it, or even heard of it, this article will help you to use it in the future. The GROW model can have a huge impact on your achievements in every area of life.

Setting and achieving goals is important for improving confidence and being where we want to in life.

Sometimes goals are viewed as building a multimillion pound company or working in Africa or bringing about world peace. Obviously these are very worthwhile goals but so are being able to start a conversation with a stranger, lose 20lb or get to the shops on your own. It doesn't matter how small or large your goal is, the GROW model can help you achieve it.

G stands for goals. Firstly you need to have something to aim for, whether that is being able to play Beethoven's fifth on the piano, re writing your CV or being able to run 5k. When do you want to achieve this goal? Having a specific date/time scale is important.

When you are setting goals, do not be limited by what you (or others) think you may or may not be capable of. Use your imagination, push things to the max and know your can do whatever you imagine you can. Never underestimate what you are capable of.

Have a good think about what you want, write it down, and also write the date you want to achieve it. No goal is any better or more significant than another other, as long it is something that resonates with you, it is a great goal

R stand for reality. What is your current position? Have you done anything so far to progress towards your goal? What challenges have you overcome? What steps will you take to reach your goal and what challenges or obstacles could you meet along the way?

Challenges and obstacles are not to be avoided – they are part of growth and in order to make changes they are inevitable. Anticipating these challenges means you can better prepare for them and they just become part of the process rather than set backs.

However also be prepared for unplanned challenges, deal with them and get back on track.

O stands for options. What can you do to reach your goal? What at the options? Do you know anyone who could help you get there? How can you push your knowledge a little further?

'100' lists can be helpful. Write a list of 100 possibilities which will move you towards your goal. Sounds difficult but when you get cracking, it's not. Write WHATEVER comes to mind, no matter how ridiculous the suggestions may sound. In my experience, the first few ideas are the obvious, or what I'm doing already, the middle are either repeats or just plain silly (which often have some merit!) and the last ones are great ideas.

Push your imagination to it's limits and beyond, don't think about what you are writing, just write, and analyse afterwards. The idea or way forward you are searching for is in there somewhere, you just need to find a way of accessing it.

Linus Pauling said "The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas."

W stands for way forward. Now you have enough ideas to sink a ship, a plan is required. Pick out the top 2 or 3 ways to move towards your goal. Set specific dates and times you will implement them and write out a detailed plan of action to reach your goal. Breaking it down into smaller tasks makes it much easier to get started.

Make plans and get going. You are more than capable of achieving anything you want to – but it will not be handed to you on a plate – the things you want give pleasure because of the effort of working towards them.

As you reach stages within the goal, and the ultimate goal, your self confidence and self esteem grows. So whether you use the GROW model, or your own approach, writing your goals down and going for them has immeasurable benefits.

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