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The Green Report
May 22, 2012

Green greetings.

This is such an exciting time of year. So filled with flowers. All the plants are singing their songs, and so many are bursting into bloom that I can hardly wait until the next green report to share all the new flowers with you. Let’s go back to the forest. During the past couple of weeks lots of new inflorescences, and some interesting leaves, have caught my eye. Here they are. How many grow near you?

I finish our green report this week with a look at a few bedstraw family plants, two from the forest and one you’re as likely to find in your garden or a nearby vacant lot as in the forest: my friend, cleavers. Take a moment this week to look for a patch of cleavers near you.

Cleavers is comfortable almost anywhere; it grows down under and all the way up to the arctic circle, in sun and part shade, poor soils and rich ones, along fence rows and in perennial beds. The tincture of the fresh plant in flower has a number of excellent uses. It’s simple and easy to make; just follow the directions in this newsletter.

The world is filled with green blessings.

See you next week.


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