Expressing what’s in our hearts and minds is a direct way of accessing your god, no matter what name you use to describe him/her.

The purpose of spiritual, personal development, or what I call human potential writing is to help others find meaning in their life. To do that, a writer records what they see in a way that transforms the reader; this requires that the writer be willing to explore and reveal the depths of their own transformation. That’s why I always tell my authors that what you write will be unveiling your inner unfolding and expansion, sometimes at the same time you are writing it!

Let me give you an example. I worked with a client who was writing about leadership from the heart versus the head. When I saw his first draft, it was uninspired, dry, and boring. I called him up and said, “Ed, what are you writing about?” He replied, “Leadership from the heart, not the head.” I asked him, “And where do you think you are writing from?” There was a long pause, and he finally said, “From the head.” I told him to go back to the writing, and this time, to use a paper and pen and to describe the story, not try to explain it. Just write until he couldn’t write anymore; until the story had been told from the heart.

He agreed to try it, and another draft arrived the next week. I started to read it, and said to myself, “He’s got it! He understood what I was saying, and he’s writing from his heart.” About three pages into the draft, the writing shifted. I asked him, “What were you doing on page three when you went from the story into an explanation?” He laughed and said I’d busted him. He had stopped to “think” and decided he needed to refer to a file about a client. The tone of the writing changed from one of storytelling to one of explanation. And I, as a reader, lost interest.

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