Our Animal soul is made up of both light and dark energy receptors that get activated respectively through energy coming either from our Divine soul or our evil inclination. The energy follows distinct energy pathways that are measurable. The animal soul is responsible for our good and bad moral choices and God is the scorekeeper since He is monitoring both. Depending upon how we tally up at the end our lives, God will grant us admission or He won’t to the future second Garden of Eden in the Messianic Age. This interview was conducted through imaginary telepathic communication between Jerry’s soul inside his physical body and the bodiless soul of Methuselah in the spirit world. Marcia’s soul in Heaven also joined us for the interview.

The Two Souls of the Garden of Eden:
When Adam and Eve were made accountable for eating the forbidden fruit and kicked out of the Garden of Eden, they left with two souls, a Divine soul and an Animal soul. Prior to the encounter with the Serpent, Satan the Devil, only the Divine soul inhabited their bodies as their evil inclination in their left brain was subdued. This we might say was a conscious or intentional choice on God’s part, because He wanted to highlight the uniqueness of the human ability to have free will. He also wanted us to know an imperfect world before we, if we were judged righteous by life’s end, would become part of a more perfect world at the End of Days. The End of Days is a misnomer because it is really the beginning of eternal life where healing, purification, and abundance are promised by God.

Methuselah Interview:

Methuselah: This Devil character is scary especially if he is still walking around alive on earth, as you suggested in Part 1 of this interview series. The Devil influences our evil inclination so it seems like the creation of the Animal soul is at least partially within the Devil’s purview. Yet from our last interview in Part 1, you seemed to have implied that that the Animal soul was created by God? And where is this Animal soul located in our bodies, and are the Animal soul and the evil inclination one and the same?

Jerry: No! The Animal soul is not the evil inclination. It is anatomically invisible, located on the right side of the chest directly opposite your heart. The evil inclination, also unseen, is in your left brain and its dark energy follows energy pathways to the Animal soul. However I can feel the energy of the Animal soul circling either counterclockwise when activated by the good of the Divine soul or clockwise when charged up through activation from the bad of the Evil Inclination. The Animal soul was most certainly created by God because the Animal soul is a mixture of both good and bad. The Devil has nothing to do with good but he is the influential source of the bad and he plays on your ego which is located within your evil inclination. He is evil through and through. He lies and cheats like I described in my not so fictional political supernatural thriller novel, Gog and Magog: The Devil’s Descendants. The Devil is not to be believed under any circumstances. If you let him in just a tiny bit, he will take over your soul and he will totally control you, as Marcia and I indicated in our previous Part 1 interview.

Methuselah: What is the Animal soul composed of?

Marcia: Receptors – one-hundred energy receptors that at birth are made up of 77.5 light energy receptors and 22.5 dark energy receptors. God sets up this heterogeneous mixture of energy receptors in our body through His limitless energy particles. If at the end of your life, you end up with 77.5 or more light energy receptors, God judges you worthy of entering the second Garden of Eden in the future Messianic Age. It’s like getting a “B” average at school. Receptors can lighten or darken depending upon the moral choices we make in life, and individual receptors can be partially lightened and partially darkened depending upon our moral deeds. God can convert the light to dark and the dark to light. God and His angels keep a running scorecard on each of us. The written record so to speak will be used at the End of Days to determine our fate in entering the promised eternal life of the Messianic Age. Good acts lighten and bad acts darken your Animal soul. If Jerry chooses to take a walk with me around the neighborhood, this is usually not a moral choice. However if Jerry lied to me, then that would have been Jerry’s free will choosing bad over good and I wouldn’t be happy. Jerry’s Animal soul in turn would darken.

Jerry: I can explain further based upon my science background. The Animal soul like our Divine soul apparently doesn’t occupy human body space as we have mentioned since anatomists can’t locate our souls in the human body. Nevertheless, these souls and their soul energies are inside our bodies. When we do a kind deed or make the right moral choice, energy impulses are sent from our Divine Soul in our brains along energy channels to activate the light receptors on our animal soul and the kind deed or good act happens as the good of the Divine soul filters down from the brain and finds the good of the Animal soul. Like strumming King David’s harp, the more you awaken your Divine soul, the more God’s Light shines upon you.

When we do a bad deed or make the wrong moral choice as Marcia says, energy impulses under the influence of the Devil are sent from our evil inclination inside our left brain along energy pathways to activate the dark energy receptors on our Animal soul. The bad moral choice or deed then follows. The bad of the evil inclination finds the bad of the Animal soul. Thus the Animal Soul is a mixture of bad and good. A truly evil person like the Devil wouldn’t have any light energy or Animal soul light receptors to activate because he never performs good deeds. The Devil’s deeds are self-serving and his Animal soul is black.

Marcia: The good part of the Animal soul can be smothered by the bad part, and a person can become evil if he already wasn’t evil to begin with. If all good is eliminated, we probably are dealing with someone who is demonic who commits mass murder of innocent people or has sold his soul to the Devil. Yet very bad people, in rare instances, have had epiphanies in which they alter their course in life, repent their sins, and become virtuous. This statement does not apply to the Devil’s own whose souls are lost forever till until God chooses the time of their death.

Methuselah: I’ve read in the libraries in Heaven that Orthodox Judaism speaks about an evil inclination, or yetzer hara, and a good inclination, or yetzer tov. It’s the same as what you are both stating and is worth repeating. God holds us accountable over the course of our lifetimes for the moral choices we make with our gift of free will and the activation of the good or bad of our Animal souls. He will sit at the End of Days and judge each one of us, who if we are dead will either be resurrected to live eternally in the Messianic Age or be damned to eternal punishment forever. This is spoken about in the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament.

Jerry: There is no doubt that the Divine soul is what allows God to be the keeper of the scorecard for our entrance into the future bliss of the Messianic Age. Our Divine soul is also part of Him as we all receive a tiny piece of him as our soul when we enter a new body in a new incarnation. Readers of this article would be advised to read Michael Newton’s book or Marcia and my book, Putting God Into Einstein’s Equations. How God tallies up the scorecard for righteous or sinful acts is anybody’s guess, because now you are within the realm of the unknown, God’s Essence. As God clearly tells us in the Hebrew Bible through the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 55:9, “As the heavens are higher than earth, so My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.”

The light and dark of the receptor balls in the Animal Soul can fluctuate during the course of your life. If you falter and steal monies from your company and go to prison, many of your Light balls may darken. If you come out of prison, you still have the rest of your life to atone for your sins and do good deeds. However if you commit murder, all of your light balls will likely get wiped out and you may never have a chance to recover. Good deeds act in the opposite way as the dark balls lighten up wholly or partially. Going to a food shelter or a soup kitchen and helping will in turn help you increase your light balls. Donating a body organ to a perfect stranger is an immensely good act. When you are confronted by an alternative moral choice, like stealing or intentionally hurting someone physically or emotionally, choosing not to steal or hurt will similarly turn on your light ball receptors. Choosing to hurt someone physically or emotionally will have the opposite effect and will darken your light balls.

Since the light balls on the Animal soul are really turned on by the Light energy of the Divine soul, God knows your status at any point in time. Marcia was always way above the 77.5 mark, but not me. It’s only been the last twelve years climbing God’s spiritual ladder where I feel comfortable with who I am. I have been atoning for my personal sins including cheating in science. You rectify what you can and try to be a force for good in our earthly world, especially when some past deeds cannot be corrected. You can still repent by doing kind deeds but like feelings that you carry from your past traumas, you can’t wipe out the memories of your past sins. The memories will be with us until God gives us a new heart and new spirit to purify us in preparation for the Messianic Age.

No one on earth has his one-hundred receptors fully lit up since God made human beings imperfect. Some exceptionally righteous people may have 99.7 light receptors lit up while someone like Hitler may have 99.7 dark receptors in his Animal soul. God created the world with Repentance and you have your whole lifetime to make changes to your character and do kind deeds. You do what you can to improve your character and the reward is that you will be admitted into the future Messianic Age and eternal life if God judges you so. It’s never too late to improve your character. It’s your choice, your free will.

Methuselah: On that note, I believe we shall stop. I’d like to take a closer look at both God and the Devil in Parts 3 and 4 of our discussion as related to Channeling the spirit world. We can then look at other topics like Resurrection. Both Marcia and I would like to be resurrected into our old but God-rejuvenated bodies as God promised in the Bible. Bye, my children.

Marcia: Bye, my love. Bye, Methuselah

Jerry: Bye, Methuselah. Bye, my darling.

Note from Jerry:
Methuselah’s words are a creation of Jerry’s mind. Jerry has never contacted Methuselah’s soul in the spirit world but has continuous contact with Marcia’s soul through direct thought- energy telepathy traveling at one million times faster than the speed of light.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Jerry J. Pollock and I am retired Professor Emeritus from Stony Brook University, where for thirty years I was an academic and research scientist publishing seventy-five scientific articles including seven patents. I have bachelors and masters degrees in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto, a PhD in Biophysics in 1969 from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and postdoctoral training in Microbiology from New York University Medical Center. Because of God intervening in my life with His miracles, I have an unshakable faith and belief in Him and I infuse my writing of my fiction and non-fiction books as well as my stage plays with both science and spirituality in a way that is done by no one else on the planet. In Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul, I wrote from our earthly world and my wife Marcia's soul suggested and confirmed from the spirit world. Please either visit Amazon to peruse the paperback and kindle versions with book reviews and a video trailer or click on my website at May the Shechinah or Divine Presence be with you.