Think of a party as a gift from your heart that shows your guests how important they are to you. When planning a gathering, there are six golden rules to use for creating a memorable and fun event:

(1) Carry out your theme in everything you do.
(2) Make your invitations inviting.
(3) Remember that set and setting are everything.
(4) Engage your guests in an activity.
(5) Don’t stress about food and drinks.
(6) Set your party apart; give them something from your heart.

Carry Out Your Theme in Everything You Do
A good theme is the starting point of any great party, mostly because it provides such fun for your guests, but it can also supply you, the party-thrower with an easypeazy, blueprint for choosing all the details like colors, food, decorations, activities, gifts, and much more.
The Golden Rule regarding theme, mood and color is that whatever you choose should be carried out in everything you do because it enrolls your guests into the complete party experience.

Make Your Invitations Inviting
A good invitation can do a lot more than just cover logistics. Because it’s the first thing your guests see, the invite is a great opportunity to introduce your theme. It can also give your guests clues on how to dress, what to expect at the party and it sets the stage for a good time, so be sure to create some excitement! A good invitation also goes along way in making your guests feel included and special.

Set and Setting Are Everything
Décor refers to the decorations. Decorations can transform any event from being bland and forgettable, to being an enjoyable affair that will long be remembered. So let your theme guide you here, and place decorations everywhere your guests are likely to be.

Ambience includes lighting, music, and smells -- all things that tantalize the senses. Filling the senses is one of the secrets to a great party and is a great opportunity to delight your guests with their favorite things.

The Golden Rule for décor and ambience is to remember that set and setting are everything because they establish the tone for the entire party, making your guests feel comfortable.

Engage Your Guests in An Activity
The number one secret to a great party is to get your guests engaged in something -- anything!
Ask yourself what will people be in the mood for, taking into consideration the time and what they’re wearing. What will be the most fun thing you can do, and most importantly, what is the silliest thing you can get away with?

Play is intrinsically rewarding, and it creates connection and a sense of belonging; two of the human soul’s greatest joys.

Don’t Stress About Food and Drinks
Food and drinks don’t have to be time consuming or difficult for a party. Take advantage of your resources and make it easy on yourself. Whether you cook all day, order in, or somewhere in between, you can make your food table look like a million bucks…it’s all in how you present it.

It’s a good idea to tie your food choices into your theme, have plenty of extras on hand, and make food and beverage selections that are sure to delight the palette of your guests. Happy bellies, make happy guests!

Give Something from Your Heart
Give your guests something unique to take home with them that captures the memories and reminds them of your party for years to come. They can be tangible items such as party favors or keepsakes. Verbal acknowledgements which include toasts and tributes, or written acknowledgements work well too. They can also be visual gifts such as performance art or audio visual presentations. A combination of items might be your style, but whatever you chose, do take a moment and acknowledge your guests. Share with them from your heart how important they are to you. This goes along way in creating a meaningful experience that will long be remembered.

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Known to many as the “Queen of Connection,” Shelby Phillips is a Party Design expert, author and TV host who loves bringing people together with parties. Her easy six-element approach to party planning comes to life on her newest how-to show, “Shelby's Secrets to a Great Party!” airing on You can find Shelby’s “Enlightened Party Planner” book series at Amazon and LuLu.