Every culture accompanies different traditions for marriage ceremonies, but when it comes to Indian weddings, they are popular not just for an array of traditions but also for the glorious celebrations.

No Indian wedding is complete without flowers. All Indian weddings have a series of traditions throughout the wedding ceremony. Each tradition comprises of flowers.

Rituals and flowers

Yes, flowers for Indian weddings form an integral part of each ritual. Not just the rituals but flowers also add elegance to the wedding decoration.

Each ritual from “Mehendi” to “var maala, “sath phere” to “vidai” is incomplete without flowers.

Flowers you find in Indian weddings

You may have seen different flowers in Indian weddings used for different rituals. For example, – “Var mala” a ritual that involves the exchange of floral garlands between bride and groom

These garlands are made of flowers like marigold, rose, jasmine through it may vary with seasonal flowers available.

Red is believed to be the holy color for Indian brides as it depicts bravery, purity, and protection.

Mandaps/Tent in Indian wedding

Many people in India prefer to have a wedding venue outdoor and thus opt for Mandap/tent and thee tents are also decorated using elegant flowers.

Significance of flowers for Indian wedding

Some flowers are connected to Indian weddings as they have their significance in Indian culture.


These flowers are quite popular in Indian weddings as they signify the sun that represents positive energy and brightness.

Marigolds are connected to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu and they are known as the perfect couple In Indian mythology.

Hence, both orange and yellow marigolds are used the most in Indian wedding decorations. They are also used in combination with both colors.

Marigolds are also used to decorate tables or used in the form of a bouquet in the wedding.

White Jasmine

This flower is often used in Hindu weddings. Some brides wear this flower in hair and in some wedding even the groom wear a veil of jasmine to cover the face as part of the tradition.

Jasmine comes with a sweet aroma and is a symbol of good luck and when worn in a wedding it brings success and prosperity in the future. White jasmine is also known for good luck.


Roses are one of the traditional Indian flowers which are sometimes combined with jasmine and marigolds to create beautiful decoration display weddings.


Orchids in white and purple color are mostly used for Indian weddings. These elegant orchids are used in decorations made into chains. The orchids used in Indian weddings are white, purple, and pink colored flowers.


Sunflowers are vibrant and large flowers perfect for Indian weddings. They are used in floral arrangements as their firm stalks strongly in decorations.

Flowers play a key role in Indian weddings and if you are planning floral arrangements and flowers for wedding rituals, you can hunt search for stores that sell flowers near me to know the varieties of flowers they offer.

If you do not get the Indian flowers for your wedding, you can also buy from online stores that sell Indian flowers for wedding online. You can get fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep without any hassles.

Floral decorations are trending in Indian weddings and not just for rituals, but they are used for entire venue decorations too.

Certainly, weddings happen once in a lifetime and you need to create memories. Flowers offer fragrance, freshness, liveliness, and also are symbols of good luck, prosperity, and peace in your life.

Flowers will add the glory to your wedding and some moments to cherish forever. So, choose flowers that make your grand celebrations a memorable one.

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Every culture accompanies different traditions for marriage ceremonies