A little over a century ago the mere thought that we could fly from one point of the planet to another, in giant metal ships flying all over was considered a thing of fantasy, but today thanks to the unrelenting speed in the progress of technology we are able to look deep into the stars for newer challenges to conquer.

What still remains among the absolute masterstrokes of human genius to date has been the creation of the World Wide Web, and the possibilities that came with it. Information is now liberalized and made accessible for all, while communication, from audio to video, is now possible in an instant.

However, despite the great success of the internet, there are problems that lie ahead which potentially could break the back of what we have all come to enjoy due to the unprecedented exponential increase in demand forecasted to happen in the next few years.

Due to the continuous connection of devices as diverse as Smartwatches, to Fridges and coffee makers to the internet, there will be over 20 billion devices that will be directly connected online, which will communicate with one another without human interference.

This glut in demand is something that the present internet infrastructures can simply not cope with, as the present centralized cloud computing platforms simply are too risky, too expensive, and too prone to hacking to support the massive demand that is about to come to being.

The Bluezelle Solution

Bluezelle is a blockchain based startup that seeks to preempt the emerging problems that are set to bedevil internet infrastructures and seeks to overhaul our whole idea of cloud computing to create a cutting-edge, sustainable and highly affordable solution that will herald the dawn of the new internet.

Bluezelle is a revolutionary platform that seeks to reimagine cloud computing by breaking the monopolies that currently rule the industry and make every computer owner on earth a stakeholder in the new age of what it terms as “Swarm Computing”.

Bluezelle is about to cause huge disruptions in the world of cloud computing, by providing a ready infrastructure that will ably support the huge boom in internet-connected devices, making communication faster, more secure, without costing inordinate amounts that puzzle the mind.

A Platform for All

What Bluezelle does is to provide an avenue that gives every computer owner in the world the chance to become an active bitcoin hosting provider by renting out any extra hardware power they may have to the network.

With Bluezelle one can provide the extra storage on their computers for the storage of data by Bluezelle’s customers, letting their otherwise unused storage and computing resources earn them sweet passive income without having to stress themselves or limiting their use of their hardware in any way.

Bluezelle will be a whole ecosystem that with the aid of Swarm Computing will eliminate the possibility of downtimes for IoT devices all around the world, make communications between them absolutely secure (due to the blockchain), and most importantly make this communication completely affordable for users, and business owners to benefit from.

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