The Internet is changing at an extremely fast rate everyday and the way in which marketers used to make money online is changing, and for the better I think. It's changing in a way that anyone can make money and start working online.

The old ways in which marketing used to be was a very hard industry, making money using adwords (which is impossible now unless you have money to burn) promoting ads on your website, which can take endless time and effort and MLM are all hard ways to make money online.

The future of Internet marketing and making money online I think is in trading keywords. With adwords being so high priced just to get a few clicks can cost anything up to $40 its an impossible task for any newbie to use these methods, until now that is. With the new trading keyword sites popping up across the web it's easy to make money online, and possible to make a huge amount if you are in from the start.

Trading keywords is about paying a fee to own a keyword outright,

Example of this ---

Adwords - you pay $5 per click on a keyword -- advertising

Trading site - you pay 10c to own the word and have unlimited exposure all the time you own the word

Right here comes the fun part, all the time you own thaw word you will be top of the search engine or the site, but at anytime someone else can buy the word from you, meaning they have to pay you for the keyword, now lets say you paid $40 for the word and someone wanted to buy that word from you they would have to pay you $56 making you instant profit. Now lets say you have 700-800 different keywords (which i do) you could be making $100 plus a day just trading keywords, and this is big business now, just wait to see what the future brings...
So this is amazing but there is a lot more to it than just making money from your keyword trading, all the sites I use to trade keywords also have a profit share system, they do change slightly from site to site but they pay out once a week even one I use pays out once a day!!

What is this profit share?

A percentage of the profit these companies makes goes right back to the users of the site so not only do you make money with trading words you also make money with a weekly profit share. This is no mean feat, as with one company I make between $50-$150 every week.
This company has also introduced a monthly payout too, which means even more money for all that take part.
This is why I think this is the new way of the Internet, this has huge money making potential and is fast becoming the new trend for working online entrepreneurs.

Author's Bio: 

I could rant on about my life and how i use to be a chef for hours but i will keep it short! :)

After 12 years as a chef in some of the UK's best kitchens, it was time to change.

I started spending more and more time online, then started to learn the sheer power of the Internet and how easy it can be to make money online!

Don't get me wrong i started out finding it almost impossible, so i started to learn and learn, and fond the learning is just as fun as the make money.

Now I make money online and love spending my days and sometimes night's learning all the Internet has to offer.