Golf Putting and Body Mechanics

Developing good body mechanics is an essential part of your golf technique. Good golf body mechanics emphasises proper body movements and posture when swinging your golf club. It reduces muscle and joint stress whilst simultaneously enhancing your physical capabilities. The golf putting body mechanics are fundamentally different from those of a full golf swing. When learning how to golf, emphasis is usually placed on driving the golf ball as far down the fairway as possible even though being able to putt accurately is equally important.

The primary goal of focusing on your golf putting body mechanics is to acquire a natural body posture that allows you to strike the golf ball so that it rolls end over end. The best way of doing this is to stand astride the golf ball with your eyes directly over the ball when making your putt. By doing this you will ensure that you maintain the correct perspective of both the ball and target line.

It is an extremely important part of body mechanics that you maintain the correct posture when golf putting. Setting up and making your putts must be done in the same way every time, this cannot be stressed enough! Consistency is the key when learning how to golf.

Golf Putting – Keep Your Head Still

Whenever the body mechanics of golf putting is discussed it will inevitably lead to an analysis of head movement. Your head must never move until you have completed your stroke and followed through. Failing to maintain your head in a stable position will result in your shoulders going out of alignment. The face of your putter will not be square with the target line if your shoulders are misaligned, resulting in your golf ball straying from its course. If you struggle to keep your head still during your stroke, try to focus your attention on the grass underneath the golf ball, this will help reduce your natural instinct to follow your ball after the stroke.

Your unique golf putting style

Spending time practicing your putting when you are learning how to golf allows you to develop your own unique golf putting stroke. Explore all of your options and find out what works for you before deciding upon which style to adopt; you must be completely comfortable with your choices and then do it with flair! Don’t select a grip technique just because it was recommended in a book, the best choice for you is a style that works for you!

On a final note, when practicing your golf putting strokes it should always be conducted on a completely level green. If the surface undulates or slopes in any direction it will be extremely difficult to find the cause of the ball travelling in a wayward manner.

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