When a new outdoor design is going to be implemented in your property's garden, there are many factors to be pondered. Qualified landscapers will first take a look at the whole place and will determine the natural characteristics of the land, as well as how they play with the house and how family members tend to use it. Landscaping is more than the beautiful outcome that you see in the end and there are a lot of aspects to examine before it can happen in reality: sun light exposure, shady areas, access to water supplies and more - you'll have to pay attention to the specifics of the environment.

But beside natural factors, the elements built by people also affect a landscape's analysis: the entrance of the house, walkways and driveways, paths through the backyard. Those are known as functional areas and should always be taken into account before the actual work begins. They influence the positioning of various spots, as a playground can't be placed right next to the street, for example. And because man-made features and usage patterns are generally hard to change, often the design is tailored to fit them instead.

The Usual Landscaping Suspects

The desires of the home owner are essential to the core concept of the new landscape design in Sydney. Even if some functional zones are already present, additional landscaping in your garden may provide you with the following practical implementations:

  • Lawn, mounds, raised garden beds
  • Parking spot or garage entrance
  • Shelter for gardening equipment
  • Scattered shrubs or ones grouped in hedges or windbreaks
  • Various water features: pools, fountains, small-scale ponds, jacuzzi
  • Arbours, gazebos and seating areas
  • Backyard BBQ spot
  • Patios, decks, walk and driveways
  • Vegetable garden beds and orchards
  • Children's playground
  • Relaxation/meditation spot
  • Dedicated zone for the pets
  • Outdoor cooking area or kitchen extension and many, many more

When it comes to home landscaping and its development, really sky is the limit. As you may have noticed, a great portion of the above list is made up of hardscape features. Those are the artificial or man-made ones and they are an inevitable part of every well-thought landscape design.

Final Design Considerations And Questions

Of course, any wants and needs that you may have concerning the new appearance of your garden should correspond to the budget available for landscaping. Be prepared to provide answers about a bunch of question about your family lifestyle and property usage. Here are some in advance:

  • Are you willing to mow your lawn on your own or you'll need help for that?
  • Will you actually use outdoor bathing equipment, such as a jacuzzi or pool? If yes, how often and how many of the family members would use it?
  • Will you need some extra privacy in order to keep your life away from eyeballs from the street or neighbour houses?
  • Do you or your children have any allergies?

And so on, and so on. The list is endless and it's always a good decision to give such answers even if the landscapers forget to ask.

Author's Bio: 

Ian Bennett Morrison is a passionate freelance writer with a deep expertise in the fields of landscape design and gardening. He loves to highlight the insider details and shed more light on every topic that he discusses. Ian has recently teamed up with local experts to research the opportunities for fresh and modern landscaping in Sydney, Australia.