I recall as a teen my sister was an exchange student in France and since then I have always wanted to visit the historical country.

I have plans to attend the upcoming Lille Metropole GospelFest. And I am now studying the city, country and language for the tour.

The French are known to be vibrant and experts in the field of art. It is the foremost tourist destination of the world. Paris is called a place for lovers. France is known as the French Republic located in western Europe. Notre Dame Cathedral is in Paris which is the capital.
The history and culture are beautiful so is the the architecture. Paris is still a city with crowds, busy streets and many tourists. Parks and gardens, big and small, place worth reflecting from what could be an overwhelming

Food is an experience of its own. Each area of France has its own distinct cooking style and cuisine. The coastal areas are famous for their seafood's, prepared using sea bass, scallops, herrings, sole, etc. Similarly Normandy is famous for "moules a la creme Normande". Brittany is famous for mussels, lobster, and crayfish preparations. The cauliflower thickened stews are popular attraction of North France. These stews are served with rich artichoke side-dishes. Also you can enjoy delicious "Salade Nioise" at Cote d' Azura. This salad is prepared using ingredients like tuna and black olives.

The French desserts are also famous for their unique tastes and creative distinct styles. Crepe is one such pancake, which is prepared from wheat flour and filled with ingredients like berries, cinnamon, nuts, bananas, jellies, ice cream, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, and jams to soft fruits and powdered sugar. The other popular French desserts like choux a la creme, tarts, chocolate mousse, and pastries also ooze the same richness and taste as the Crepe.

There is artisanal bakery or boulangerie for fast food. Wonderful sandwiches on an array of breads. I saw on a favorite soap opera Thousands of locks decorate the Pont Des Arts. Chewy baguettes as well as flaky croissants and pain au chocolate are to die for.
Ville de Croix:

Cross is a city that houses Croix which is a town situated in (Nord-Pas-de-Calais region). The town of Croix belongs to the canton of Roubaix-Ouest and the district of Lille. The inhabitants of Croix are called Croisiens.
As a author and promoter I'm heading to a lovely destination. In other words with great anticipation, I long to pack my bags and bring a group of friends with me for the french encounter.

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