Marriage is an essential part of our lives that can often face many problems. While the initial stages of marriage may seem to be the best, the phase that follows might not be good enough. This might often make you question yourself, where did things go wrong? Why is it that earlier everything was perfect but now hardly anything seems to be going the right way? Even just preventing the marriage from breaking off might seem to be a complicated task. In such a situation, don’t hesitate from getting yourself a Marriage coach. You could save your marriage by doing this.

Who is a Marriage Coach?
A marriage coach is a professional who is experienced in helping people with their marriages by preventing them from falling apart. This individual is a marriage expert who knows how to properly manage the problems in a marriage and what to do in situations where you feel helpless. By understanding the struggle of both you and your partner, recognizing the hardships, and providing solutions for the same, a marriage coach can help you get closer to each other and mend your issues easily. You will again be able to live a happy married life where both of you understand each other.

How does Marriage Coach help?

A marriage coach has experience in solving problems that could break off your marriage. By providing you just what you need, the marriage coach helps in creating a better relationship between you and your spouse. He will begin by identifying the stage of your marriage. As time goes by, the marriage reaches a new stage. After identifying the phase, he will listen to the problems of both you and your spouse individually and work out solutions for them.

What are the stages in a Marriage?
In a marriage, there are 5 different stages that your marriage coach will identify before working out your problems. These stages are:
1. The Romantic Stage (Where romance is at peak and love continues to bloom.)
2. The Stage of Disillusionment (When the romance gets normal and you start seeing the flaws in your spouse, have conflicts, and need to adjust with your partner.)
3. The Distress Stage: (When the couple starts believing that the root of all the problems in their lives is their partner and think that breaking off the marriage is the only option.)
At this stage, people would either break off the marriage or try to solve their problems. Mostly, it is at this stage that people find the need of consulting a marriage coach or a marriage counselor. If they solve the problems, they move on to the next stage.
4. The Stage of Stability: (When the couple starts to reconcile and become friends with each other again after solving their issues of the previous stage. They try to avoid conflicts and solve their problems to avoid a loss of the relationship.)
5. The Commitment Stage: (This is when the couples finally begin to accept each other for who they are. They know their flaws and weakness and still decide to stay together.)

If you wish to reach the 4th and the 5th stage in your marriage without having to break off the relationship before arriving at this stage, then you can get yourself a Marriage Coach who can help you with the process.

Your commitment

While a marriage coach can help you fix your marriage and all the problems that you have with your partner, the most important factor would still be the dedication and commitment of both you and your partner towards your married life.

If you want to have a Love relationship like before even after passing through the three stages of marriage, then you must hire a marriage coach to fix your problems.

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