As man sows, so shall he reap.” – Charles W. Chesnutt. The quote fits so appropriately in the case of the referred header. What a child is made to learn in his childhood stays with him forever in life. Sermons learned and patterns formed in early childhood support us like a backbone in our lives, whether personal or professional.

We, at JP International School, believe that childhood is rather the developmental window of life because most of the dynamic brain growth occurs during this time. This is thus the phase that cements the foundation stone for several significant characteristics of one’s life.

So today, we, at JP International School, one of the top school in greater noida would like to shed light on some of the key traits, which, if instilled in children during childhood, can help lay the foundation for a great and successful professional life going ahead.

  • Loyalty

The foremost characteristic an employer looks for in any employee is loyalty. A child who learns the characteristic of allegiance and faithfulness towards family, friends, and country in his early years becomes a true professional in the future.

  • Honesty

A child who knows it is morally wrong to cheat in exams or to keep other’s things without telling them, grows up into honest and worthy individuals. Such children never run away from hard work and thus have bright chances of emerging as successful professionals in the future.

  • Communication

To put forth your opinion smoothly and convincingly is a very important ingredient of one’s professional life. When this attribute is infused in children right in the early years through providing them with the freedom of speech, Top CBSE School in Greater Noida children are better aligned to take a smooth charge of their life professionally and personally.

Research conducted by the world bank shows that professional vocabulary gets affected when enough stress on it is not given during childhood. This indicates early childhood indeed lays the foundation for enabling the kids to grow into successful professionals for the workforce of tomorrow.

  • Collaboration

Functioning in unison with one’s colleagues is indispensable in any profession. Children learn this quality very well while living in one’s family, helping one another, and following the rule of give some, take some.

  • Punctuality

An important attribute of most successful professionals is punctuality. If children learn to understand its importance during their childhood through simple ways, like going to school on time, keeping homework and playtime in sync with their timetable, sticking to their schedule, etc., they easily embrace punctuality as a crucial personality trait, and this certainly comes to their aid in their future professional lives.

At JP International School, we believe that an absolute boon of investing in early childhood, keeping in view the professional life ahead, is the ability to reap higher wages. A study by Nobel Laureate James Heckman found that participants who were kept actively involved in childhood had 25% higher wages 20 years later than their counterparts! That’s because a child’s mind in the initial years is relatively raw and moldable. In this phase, few entities leave a major impact on their unripened psyches, like:

Children observe how their parents act and react in day-to-day life in various circumstances and try to imbibe or copy those nuances in their behavior. And this is carried forward to all phases of life ahead, including the professional phase. Therefore, it becomes extremely vital for parents to showcase a well-balanced portrait that children can imbue and stick to.

  • Friends

Another significant element of a child’s early days is his/her friends. The behavior and opinions of these pals, the playmates, carry quite a weightage in deciding which way we choose in life ahead, both on a personal and professional front.

  • Teachers/ Mentors

Last but not least, we, at JP International School, as one of the Best Schools in Greater Noida and the mentors and guides of young minds for past many years, strongly believe that the kind of education, the academic atmosphere, and the mentors that a child gets from the very start of his/her learning journey asserts vital influence on the choices he/she makes professionally.

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All in all, one can indeed say that the foundation of skills and knowledge laid during the early years of a child’s life can work wonders in transforming not just their personal life but also the professional life ahead. Best CBSE School in Greater Noida When their base is strong, they naturally grow into well-informed individuals having the confidence, know-how, and the will to do well in life.