It has been reported that approximately 86% of all American workers dislike their jobs. Now you will learn why this is true, and more importantly what you can do to actually get the work positions you will like. Virtually everyone has the power to choose and obtain his or her dream career, or something close to it. But they don’t know it. So they rarely do. Instead, most people end up in work positions they do not like, and think they must suffer through their work like everyone else.

The Work Selection Process you use will dictate whether you will find and get a work position you really enjoy and thrive in or that will create a serious mismatch causing you to struggle and even suffer in.

Here is how you can virtually guarantee that you will select and get your best-matched dream work positions.

1. Use the “Custom Build Your Ideal Position” Work Selection Process ONLY.

2. Completely avoid the “Trial and Error Work” and “Please Others” Selection Processes. Mixing any method with the “Custom Build” method will dilute it too much to allow it to work well enough.

Ok, I just listed the names of 3 work selection methods you probably never heard of, and told you to use just one of them and avoid the other two. I will describe these three major Work Selection processes that people use to choose their careers and work positions, because they are rarely recognized and even more rarely understood. Yet, their use determines one of the most important aspects of anyone’s life; the work positions and careers they choose that frequently governs most of their lives.  Knowing how they work will help you understand why they are so important.

1. The “Trial and Error” Method. Emphasis on “Error.” The most commonly used method that almost always causes people to NOT select their best-matched work positions. It works this way.

First, people look at as many potential work positions (Options) that they can find, or want to look at. If their options include jobs, they apply to the options they want or believe might hire them. They evaluate the possible options, like job offers, or positions they can start on their own, whether as Independent Contractors, or as business owners.

They eventually select a position from their available options to give it a try, and they begin working at the new position. The “Try” part of the process.

They ADJUST dramatically to fit into the work position. They adjust to the company (if there is one) they adjust to the culture of the industry, they adjust to their boss or bosses (if they have any) they adjust to the requests of their customers, and they adjust to the written or unwritten code of expectations and conduct for the position.

They eventually become bored, disillusioned, unhappy, nonproductive, or just plain upset at working in the position that evolved after they made all of the adjustments to suit others.

They decide to change positions to seek better working conditions.

They use the same Trial & Error work selection method that created their present mismatched work positions.

The cycle continues.

Sound Familiar?

2. The “Please Others” Method. Emphasis on “pleasing others.” Used less today than in the past. This method directs people into positions that frequently turn into disasters for everyone involved.

People select their work positions and/or careers to please the desires, agendas, and/or pressures of other people. Whether they are parents, family members, peers, prospective spouses, and/or spouses.

People adjust as much as they can to try to fit into the work positions chosen for them. Generally they make a lot of very significant adjustments to be able to even survive in these positions.

At some point people might become bored, disillusioned, unhappy, nonproductive, or just plain upset at working in the positions that were chosen for them by someone else. They feel trapped. And they frequently are. To escape they must clear three powerful obstacles. First, they have to contend with disappointing or even hurting the persons whom they tried to please in the first place. Second, they have to contend with leaving a work career they had invested so much time an effort in. Third, they have to face the uncertainty and confusion of not knowing where to go next. (Unless of course they chose to use the “Custom Build” Method.)

3. The “Custom Build Your Ideal Position” Method. A latecomer that is gaining in popularity because it is works so well at helping people get their best-suited work positions. Here is how it works.

First, you expend the time, resources, and energy to discover and unravel the mystery of yourself. You want to discover and become very clear about what makes you tick, to include discovering all of your passions, your self-imposed obstacles (the things you dislike performing) your beliefs and values, your many talents, and your own priorities.

Second, you want to custom design your ideally suited work positions, in great detail that will allow you to fulfill your passions and priorities, follow your beliefs, maximize your talents, and avoid as many of your self-imposed obstacles as you can. In essence, you create the work positions that you KNOW will be ideally matched to you, before you attempt to obtain them.

Third, you want to pursue and obtain your custom designed ideal income positions, most often by changing the conditions around you to build your positions to suit you, versus adjusting yourself to fit the positions. Surprisingly, this has proven to be the easiest and quickest step. The well-kept secret is that building and getting your ideally designed work positions, including getting the best jobs for you are much easier to accomplish than with the other 2 processes.


If you find that you are in work positions you really dislike and you are performing poorly in, there is nothing wrong with you. Do not get down on yourself because you think you are not good enough. You are just the wrong person performing in the wrong work position, because your position is very mismatched to suit you. You will be amazed at how your work life (and your personal and family lives as well) will improve dramatically when you use the “Custom Build Your Ideal Position” method to get your next work position that will suit you so well.

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