If one was to watch a stream, they would see that it goes in one direction, and this will take place without too much force being utilized. This is because the water is going in the same direction and there is little, if any, resistance.

However, this wouldn’t be possible if each drop of water decided to go against each other. Another factor that may stop this flow is if there was something that was stopping the water from moving forward.


While each drop of water could try to work against each other, there is not much chance of this taking place. And if there was something stopping the water from passing, the sheer force of the water may soon remove the obstacle.

Each drop of water is working with the other drops, and this is an important part of the momentum that has been created. The weather and the direction of the stream will also play a part.


If one was to sit back and to observe what is taking place, they might begin to think about how effortless this whole process is. There is no need for the water to struggle and strain, and each drop is working together.

And while one is looking at a stream, they may start to think about what it would be like for their own life to be the same. Or they could already be in a position where their own life matches up with what they see.

The Flow

Through experiencing life in this way, one is likely to feel as though they are in the flow, and that they are on the right track. However, even though each drop of water is going in the same direction, it doesn’t mean that one is always going to be going in the same direction as everyone else.

This is because although they are connected to each other, each human being has their own purpose to fulfil. If one wasn’t on this planet to fulfil their own purpose and they were here to do what other people wanted them to do, it wouldn’t matter.


When rain drops fall down from the sky they are individual drops, but this is no longer the case when they come together. They are no longer separate drops, and they have become something else.

Human brings on the other hand, can work together without losing their sense of self in process. Their purpose on this planet involves other people, but it is still an expression of their own needs that they need to fulfil; it could also be sad that each person’s purpose is part of a bigger purpose.

More Complex

Another way of looking at this would be to say that human beings are more complex, and this is why they can’t just lose themselves in others. If they were to do this, they would not be fulfilling their purpose.

Whereas, if a drop of water was to merge with another drop, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that each drop is putting their own purpose to one side. A purpose still exists, but it is not the kind of purpose that a human being has on this planet.

One Approach

There are going to be some people who ‘go with the flow’ and their life could be an example of what happens when someone is out of touch with themselves. In this case, one might not be aware of what they need to pay attention to on the inside and the outside, and this could set them up to be passive and reactive.

One could then be in a position where they have no sense of direction and it is going to be normal for them to follow others. And if they don’t follow others, they might keep putting things off until the ‘right’ moment appears for them to take the next step, and until something ‘just happens’.

This is not to say that they won’t achieve things or be in the ‘right place at the right time’, but what it may mean they are out of balance. They may expect things to just happen, and be unwilling to put then in the work that is necessary.

Another Approach

On the other side of the spectrum will be people who are unable to let go and to ‘go with the flow’. In this case, it is not going to be possible for one to take a step back and to wait until the right moment appears.

They are going to have a clear sense of direction, and they will know what they want. It is not going to matter what is happening externally or internally, as one will want to just keep moving forward.

This person may achieve a lot and be seen as a ‘go getter’ but they might also end up feeling exhausted. In this case, they are not working with the flow; they are trying to do everything by themselves.

Pros and Cons

It is clear to see that each approach has its pros and cons, and how being in the flow doesn’t mean that one should do nothing or that they should always be doing something. There will be times when one will need to go against the stream, and then there will be times when they won’t.

And there will be moments in their life when it will be important for them to sit back, and moments where they need to push forward. Doing what others are doing is not bad per se, but if one is always looking towards others it is going to cause them problems down the line.

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