Here are five essential facts everyone should know about their own soul. Once called The Laws of The Jungle, these five factors still prove useful in today's world.

Self-preservation: Self-preservation is the ultimate right and drive of all life. This extends beyond our mere physical life to our lifestyles and freedom to express ourselves. However, in the pursuit of our own self-preservation, we must also acknowledge this urge and right in others. By keeping in mind that self-preservation is a constant in nearly all minds, we take a step closer to understanding those around us.

Self-reliance: The bottom-line in life is that, ultimately, the individual only has themselves to truly rely on. While friends, allies, connections, and strong networking are always helpful, it is the individual that can rely on themselves above all other things that will always prove the most successful.

Self-responsibility: The individual is responsible for all things in their lives, malignant or benign. This is a difficult idea for some individuals to accept. It is easier, at least initially, to lay blame for our problems on others of even fate. Self-responsibility not only demands that we accept our mistakes as well as embrace our successes, but also acknowledges that even with those situations which seem out of our control, there remains our ability to manage the issue and move on.

Self-awareness: Self-awareness is a limited commodity amongst most. Rare is the individual that understands both their own potential and their limitations. The scarcity of this trait is due to the innate fear most have of truly examining the self, concerned about what they might find. Satanists must confront and conquer this fear. By capitalizing on their strengths and compensating for their weaknesses, the self-aware individual achieves results well beyond those of their unaware peers.

Self-control: The true mastery of the self requires the development of an objective perspective; the ability to remove the emotional self from a situation and see the issue from afar through the lens of reason. With this perspective also comes an understanding of how to exploit emotional response; understanding what situations will be served by the expression
of anger or humor, even when the individual does not feel it. People with this skill often appear cold and callous but have really come to respect the commodity of emotional expression and conservation.

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Bruce {Brewster} Peterson was born in Columbus, Ohio and has been writing for over 40 years.
He graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a B. A. in Psychology and Telecommunications.
He served in the U.S. Navy as a Electronics Technician for over 4 years.
He has over 20 self-help and self-empowering books published and on sale at
Brewster is also the Founder and President of The MetaPsychics Church and Foundation.
It's Motto is:
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