Plagiarism is a downright immoral and disgusting. However, somehow the people simply cannot stop doing it. There are five forms of plagiarism, which are the most rampant in the Urdu literature.

Idea Stealing

The most common form of the plagiarism in the Urdu literature is that people steal ideas and never give credit to the real authors. It is a huge offence. The idea stealing happens in most of the forms of the Urdu literature. Especially in the books of philosophy, this thing happens a lot. The copycat simply says that I thought of exactly the same thing! However, this is deplorable.

It also happens with the ideas of the stories and novels too. Some people steal the entire plot and just change the names of the places and the characters. Some change the time period or the setting of the novel.

Character Stealing

The other copycats steal the character from somebody else’s novels. This is done very cleverly. Indeed, it is actually a clever form of plagiarism. In this way, the writer does not have to work hard to form believable characters in the story. When the character is made, the story flows along. Most of the hard work is required in the character building. After wards writing the dialogues or the story line
doesnot remain a problem this is especially true for the short stories. For the novels too if the couple of characters are stolen the workload reduces by a significant factor.

Example, Simile, and Metaphor Stealing

The use of examples, similes, and metaphors in the Urdu literature is considered very smart. This is the reason why the writers who wrote such stories and novels become very famous. The most prestigious example of such writers is the philosophical couple of Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia. Right now, many contemporary writers are continuously stealing examples, similes, and metaphors from the writings of these two writers. This is blatantly bad, people steal from the work of the dead or the very old writers because they know they will not be able to start or pursue a legal fight.


Some people go to the extent of stealing the excerpts. Again, this is often done from the write-ups of the dead writers. Often people steal the whole dialogues between two characters. Sometimes people steal some very good lines by a character.

The excerpts are also stolen from the philosophy books and the real writer is never given the credits. Sometimes people steal excerpts from the speeches of the popular people who are dead and never mention their names.

Printing without copyrights

To print without the permission of a writer or without buying the copyrights is also a very famous form of plagiarism. People are doing it, online and offline all the time. This too is a very huge offense.

This is high time that the authorities must do something about the problem of the plagiarism in the urdu literature. Otherwise, it might be too late.

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