It sounds good to start your own business, right? This is a sentiment that should be encouraged. Of course, when we start a business, we want to earn, make a profit. And you can only do that if you can attract customers to come to you. This is the reason why we conduct an appointment setting campaign in the first place. Of course, if you are new to the task, you might end up committing a few sales mistakes along the way. While it may seem innocuous enough, these can actually have a huge impact on your sales leads generation. You will want to avoid them, lest your attempts at appointment setting fails. But what are these missteps that you should be avoiding?

One, you fail to build a targeted sales pipeline. Sure, at the start of your lead generation campaign, your first instinct is to increase your sales pipeline. Now, this is a crucial point where you actually make a mistake. Stuffing yourself with sales leads that do not convert into sales leads is not just a waste of your efforts, it is also a waste of your firm.

Second, your marketers fail to understand your core business goals. The purpose of your company’s existence is based on some market need or want that has not yet been satisfied. This, by itself, is the strongest selling point needed to attract sales leads. What messes things up is when you fail to convey that message to your marketing team who, in turn, fail to use that to their advantage.

Third, you fail to hire skilled prospectors. Sales prospecting, can be a really demanding task, and it is one that experienced marketers from large companies may not be able to perform. If you want to maximize your company’s ability to fill your sales pipeline and build something from almost nothing, you will have to choose your marketing representatives carefully.

Fourth, you lose your focus. As a small firm, you might have to wear many hats on the job. This means you might get caught up in a myriad of tasks, in the process losing focus on what you should be doing well in the first place. If you think you are losing touch with your core functions, then it might be time for you to get someone else to do the marketing work. Outsourcing to telemarketing agency might be a good start. As long as you hire the right people, then it will fit your business right to a T.

Lastly, you let your managers do the selling. The purpose of a sales manager is to direct the activities of your sales representatives in order to achieve some long term goal. They cannot do that if they also have to be on the phone, chasing sales leads. Besides, this might create feelings of resentment from the rest of the team, since they might conclude (usually wrongly) that their boss is getting all the good stuff.

These are the most common lead generation mistakes that you can make. Avoid these, and you will be in a much better spot.

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