We are all hearing so much about the Fiscal Cliff, and it is something we need to be concerned about – though preferably not to the point of hysteria. There are four things that you really need to know in order to meet this financial challenge with ease and grace…

1. Look at the larger perspective. As a country, we are always creating whatever we require to represent us as a whole. Thus, we had a crippled President (FDR) when the economy was crippled, a home-loving President (Eisenhower) when we were recovering from WW2, and a younger, more radical President (JFK) as we moved into the 60s. So there is something about this depression and national debt that we obviously require, for good or ill. Maybe we need to take some responsibility for that, as a country, and that starts with taking responsibility for conditions in your own life.

2. “As above, so below.” The macrocosm is always reflected in the microcosm, and vice versa. Is there some way that you have taken part in debt, or created your own personal fiscal cliff? Any time you create debt (as either a debtor or creditor), you are also chaining yourself to loss, failure, and the lower energies of this world. If you’re in debt, or if others owe you money, fix that situation as quickly as possible.

3. There is more help and support than you realize. No matter what the appearance in the physical plane, we really are being looked after in the larger spiritual sense. I’m not talking about religion, but about the larger, more complex intell-gence of which we humans are all/each a part. So long as we do our best to be fully human, in touch with what we are here to do, then that greater intelligence will not let us fall. As Einstein said, the most important question is this: Is the universe a friendly place? The answer NO sets each of us on the path to doubt and despair; the answer YES makes us notice how the people around us are actually helpful and supportive, and how we can be resourceful in supporting ouselves and others.

4. Words are important. Everyone creates using words and pictures, so you need to be as careful with what you say as well as what you do. The lower energies of this world can only operate through human beings; they trick you into speaking the words that will create what they want rather than what your divine blueprint has for you. “Every word is a prayer, and every prayer comes back answered.” So stop speaking the words of anger, hatred, fear and doubt; instead, start speaking words of confidence, success and faith. Only say what you actually want to experience in your reality, such as “I am a happy person living in a happy world” or “No matter what the external appearances, I find the resources for my successful life.” If those statements are too large for you at the moment, start with smaller statements that your system can accept as truth: “Every day, new opportunities are opening up for me”, or “I choose to feel calm and resourceful, no matter what.”

Perspective, personal responsibility, support and positive words: whether you ‘believe’ in these or not, they will help you stay in tune with more positive developments and opportunities. It’s like choosing to switch on the positive radio station rather than the one that broadcasts doom and gloom. Which would you rather feel at any given moment – optimistic or pessimistic? Developing positive disciplines will, at the very least, exercise your cheerfulness and confidence muscles, and before you know it, you will find that reality shapes itself to what you believe.

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Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran human programmer and integration coach, bringing your passion to life. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara; she helps high-flyers all over the world to create their rich, delicious lives. Find out how human reprogramming can help you soar! Sign up now for your FREE strategy session at http://www.ART-of-Integration.com.