If you are suffering from hair loss, here are a few things to do. But the one thing you must not do is panic. It serves no purpose. Instead, it would only add to your stress, which means more hair loss!

The first thing to do when you notice hair falling in locks
Call in the doctor.

Yes! Before you go shopping for a hair loss shampoo or fall for those glitzy hair regrowth commercials, make sure everything is right inside your body. Whatever happens in your body affects your hair. They are a part of your body, of course.

In case you are suffering from an underlying medical condition, you are bound to lose hair. It could be thyroid problem, some chronic condition, or high levels of DHT in your body that is hindering normal follicle function, or some medication you are on.

Once you know the cause, you can act upon it and find the right treatment.

For example, if DHT is the culprit, advanced trichology DHT blocker can prove to be an effective treatment in your case.

If you have recently suffered from high fever, your follicles may take some time to revive themselves. Meanwhile, you can use vitamin fortified shampoos that nourish follicles and stimulate them to produce healthier hair.

Many people suffer from hair loss after a major surgery. This is because your body goes into a shock. It needs time to recover and normalize its functions. Again, a good shampoo and hair care regime can help.

What if you are perfectly healthy and still losing hair?
Blame your genes!

However, don’t lose hope yet. There are ways to revive your shrinking follicles. One of them is using rogaine on healthy hair that are bogged down by bad genes.

Rogaine uses a powerful ingredient called minoxidil, which has a hair-growing property. It has the power to rejuvenate follicles that are genetically predisposed to shrink and die prematurely.

Please use rogaine under doctor’s supervision because not all are perfect candidates for its usage. In case you are suffering from some chronic condition, are pregnant, or lactating, you must not use this treatment.

Rogaine is approved by FDA, but has to be used only in a specified amount.

Losing hair is disheartening; but with progressive hair care technology such as advanced trichology DHT blocker and others, you can find an effective way to curb your hair loss and restore health and beauty of your mane without losing more sleep over it.

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