CCCoin, is the next digital currency to ICO and for the first time we have a humanitarian and socially conscious purpose behind a project. The goal of CCCoin is to generate capital through currency exchanges then donate that capital to charities and nonprofits.
On the surface CCCoin is still a digital currency that makes use of encryption techniques to generate the use of regular currency and ensure the transfers of funds. But unlike other passé cryptocurrencies, that only serve a medium for buying and selling goods … CCCoin actually helps those in need when you exchange your fiat currency into their CCCoins.

A Socially Conscious Crypto-Currency:
CCCoin gives the power to its respective owner, to make a decision that can make the world a better place. CCCoins offer a platform where the coin holder can use his virtual asset (the CCCoin) to participate in a democratic vote using secure, transparent blockchain vote to decide which charitable fund the capital raised by CCCoin will be distributed.

An investment in CCCoins is one which saves lives in real time, by transferring the CCCoins acquired via the exchange or ICO of currency to a charitable organization on behalf of the coin holder - Creating significant impact with just the click of a button!

CCCoin’s primary objective is to transfer Charitable funds to those who really need it. CCCoins introduce a new concept of charitable participation via electronic currency, instead of the antediluvian one of utilizing the acquired virtual asset for the user itself, it is offered to charitable organizations.

As the Ethereum Blockchain Platform motto and mission statement states, CCCoin LLC adds to their original purpose – because CCCoin is a DApp (or application built (or forked) off of the original Ethereum Blockchain.

The Coin Distribution System:

On a monthly basis, 45,000 CCCoins are created and deposited into the respective CCCoin Wallet. After the deposit has been made, the CCCoins are made available for purchase by the public through the Crypto-Currency Exchanges, the initial price of a CCCoin is divided on a 25% / 75% ratio.

In other words, 75% of the exchange sale proceeds go to charity – while the CCCoin-Team keeps 25% to reinvest back into the business and pay business expenses (more on that later). So, it’s quite simply the distribution of digital coins that generates, or raises the capital that will then be given to charities and non-profits.
Note: After ICO CCCoin plans to increase the donation amount from 75% to 85%.

Transparent And Democratic:

The “Coin Holder” gets a Monthly Voting right, on the basis of which she can make their own Charitable Donation Investment Decisions. The right enables the user to invest in the foundation that is best suited as per their judgment. The selected foundation is then subjected to receive the maximum ratio of the actual funds, 30% for the foundation of the users’ choice, 20% for the next selected charitable foundation and similarly followed by 15% and 10% for those selected afterward.

“When we were creating the pot percentages we originally wanted to donate 10% to 10 charities. – But after talking about it, we decided to do just a few large donations because we felt larger donations would give us more authority to ask and look at a charities or nonprofits donations if we felt that they were not being honest with our money.”
– Lucas Coffey – CCCoin CEO

The CCCoin currency exchange is free from any third-party interference as all crypto-currencies are and its cost effectiveness adds to the benefits being offered to the less fortunate. Being a closed yet direct transaction makes it a much cheaper and less time-consuming option than the traditional route of donations.

Donation Percentage Increase Coming Soon:

CCCoin is ran by a tremendous team – with a CEO of military back ground, a business degree and experience in humanitarian aid. The CCCoin-Team has not even ICO’ed yet and they are already looking into increasing value for the consumer.

“Our number one goal is to charge the lowest donation fees possible and offer great value to all CCCoin holders – within 3 to 6 months of existence we are going to try and increase the donation percentage from 75% up to 85%.” – Lucas Coffey - CCCoin CEO

CCCoin Project Summary:

More and More Coins and Applications like CCCoin is what will be the beginning of mainstream adoption by everyday people. There is no reason to currently switch to digital currency at a time when hardware and software wallets are still a nightmare, coin value fluctuations are extreme and hacks are frequent.

That is unless of course the Coin adds some other outside value like CCCoin does. You can exchange your fiat currency for it and it will serve the same as any digital currency. – however, that exchange transaction also creates an enormous amount of value for someone in need. There is no other currency that does that.
Note: CCCoin Plans to ICO in August under the Ticker (CCC)

CCCoin can be found at:
Twitter: @CCCoinTeam

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