The first shall be last, the last first.

Many hard core materialistic scientists are adamant in telling us that our consciousness is a product of chemical processes in the brain, that the near-death experience is just a figment of a contorted imagination, that death is the final outcome of life and that we only live one life. Then our consciousness is extinguished and that is it. Finito. They know better and they readily ridicule those who have a larger perspective and a different view than theirs.
However, as none of the above has ever been proved, those who adhere to these theories are pure believers. They believe in something that they cannot prove. They are not the levelheaded scientists that they claim to be.
Today many, many people are open to a new way of seeing the world. The evidence for the survival of conscience is growing every day and more and more results from serious research into past life recall and reincarnation is putting a new way of looking upon the world on the agenda.
Many people have trouble believing in reincarnation because they say that there is no comprehensive philosophy that explains the larger perspective comprising many lives on Earth. But that is not true. A complete comprehensive philosophy comprising both the physical and the spiritual levels of existence has been presented by the Danish 20th century visionary Martinus. My 4 books about Martinus’ fabulous, logical and beautiful world picture all explain why reincarnation is much more than just a belief. A new world picture is emerging and in time it will topple the old.
The future belongs to those who can see beyond the physical plane and who are open to a new way of seeing the world: a larger perspective full of logic, beauty and love. In order to be open for a new way of seeing the world our intuition has to have been awakened. If your intuitive ability is still asleep, you will be closed-minded.
Our intuitive ability is awakened on the strength of our experiences and sufferings in former lives. When we have learned humility and no longer think that we already know it all, then we become open for a new and much larger perspective on life, death and the mystery of both.
Those whose intuitive ability has been awakened are often not so “fancy people”. They don’t hold high positions, they are not professors or dons, they don’t flash jewelry around or drive fancy cars. They don’t want to show off or impress others with their money, intelligence or wit. They are humble people. They are “the last” – and they will be the first to see that there is more to life than just a single lifetime. They are the ones that are awakening.
The “first” are all those who think they already know it all. They are the self-important scientists and all the high members of the clergy: the Pope, the cardinals, the priests and the high and mighty. They have not yet learned humility and they are still fast asleep. Their intuition is still dormant. They will be the last to see and accept that a new world order is about to topple the old. They will be the last to see that the universe is a much more magical place than they had ever imagined.

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