When was the last time you sat down and really thought about what you wanted in your life?

I'm not talking about those easy stock answers like - more money. We all want more money right about now. The real question is- how much more and what would you do with it?

How would your life be different if you had more money? Get specific.

If I consistently made $10,000 a month in my biz, I would go visit my friend Danielle in San Diego whenever I felt like it. I would eat out at the fancy restaurants that I like and drink expensive wine at least twice a month. I would spend a month in Tuscany hanging out in the country side making pottery and riding a bike through vineyards and little villages. I would rent a space in a studio with other potters and hang out there making beautiful bowls and platters that I would then give as gifts and sell at craft fairs. I would triple the hours that my VA worked for me and hand off more of the work that I don't love doing to her. I would also quickly pay off my second mortgage because I can! That would be totally kick-ass!

Thinking about these things feels really juicy and fun! I know that when I spend time focusing my thoughts and energy in this way every day, things get kick-ass very fast. I get new ideas, and opportunities just show up.

A Kick-Ass Life doesn't just happen. It requires you to identify what you want and focus your attention on what it will be like to have it. I think this is especially true for all of you non-conforming entrepreneurs who are working to create an out of the box biz. You don't want the status quo, so it's up to you to keep your focus on how you want it to be rather than what is right in front of you. You need to continuously make it up as you go along.

Sometimes this means totally ignoring the current reality that you see before you!

Right now it's really easy to get caught up in the reality that the economy has tanked and everyone is struggling to just get by. I know that I got caught up in that reality for a while. I was focusing my attention on it, and I lowered my expectations. The more I paid attention to the media and listened to people worry and complain; the worse things got for me. I expected that I would struggle and I did.

Buying into this reality also caused me to limit my ability to see other possibilities for thriving and I wasn't really looking for new ways of doing things that would lead me there. I stopped focusing on what I wanted in my Kick-Ass Life and started settling for what everyone else was having. What everyone else is having sucks! I'm glad that I've snapped out of it!

It all comes down to this-You get what you expect- every time. I expected to struggle in my biz because everyone else was.

I had broken the first rule for Defying the Box- focus on what you want rather than what everyone else is doing!

I shifted my focus and things are changing! I've been inspired to create a few new low cost options, and I'm putting together a mastermind to support other entrepreneurs who want to defy the box and break free from their pre-packaged biz. It's all about flying your freak flag and becoming super shiny so the people who want what you have to offer can see you.

Let me know if you want in on this.

In the mean time, spend some time focusing on what you really want in your life and your biz. Get down to the juicy bits and pieces of how it will impact your life. If your current reality is not in alignment with what you want, ignore it! Defy the Box by focusing on what you want instead of what you're supposed to do.

Author's Bio: 

Presented by Leah Shapiro; Kick-Ass Life Coach & Head Rabble Rouser at Defy the Box. http://www.DefytheBox.com Leah is the champion for your non-conforming soul. Leah shows you how to break free from your unsatisfying, pre-packaged life in order to create the kick-ass life of your dreams. A self admitted hedonist, Leah is frequently off engaging in pleasurable pursuits and is known to be a mighty temptress.