Before the age of 25, you have the skin your mother gave you. After age 25, you have the skin you gave yourself. Evidence for the truth in this skin care mantra can be seen in the faces of women all around you. Since, mid-twenties, most women enjoy naturally vibrant, glowing skin. As the thirties approach, however, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and suppleness.
We cannot pick the correct skin care regimen without this knowledge. There are four general types of skin: dry, which is generally manifested by a lack of shine, has fine pores, and it has the tendency to develop early wrinkles; oily, which is exactly the opposite, having extra shine and dilated pores, but without the proper skin care regimen, it can develop blackheads, acne and other problems; normal skin is the dreamy skin just perfect and with a balanced grade of hydration; sensitive skin is not that uncommon, and without the correct skin care regimen can lead to serious skin problems where you least want them. Skin is your first impression. Your show of confidence. Your brand. We are image consultants, stripping away anything that doesn’t belong, leaving only the essential you. You can get the best solution skincare from The Finery.
What is Finery?
The Finery is a tattoo removal and skincare company which works on total results-driven treatments. They use the most advanced technology and effective tools for safe, fast and affordable skincare and tattoo removal.
Services Of The Finery:
Micro-fine laser energy can reache deep into the skin’s sub-layers, allowing your body’s natural healing process to sweep away older, damaged tissue and rebuild with fresh collagen and elastin.
Their multi-step process reduce impurities and dead skin cells while replenishing vital nutrients with the patented Vortex-Fusion serum delivery system.
Micro-injuries in the skin trigger collagen synthesis; They use the Projuvenation skin needling system for controlled induction of the body’s self-repair mechanism.
It works against hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, and aging skin, the VI peel is safe for all skin types with minimal downtime.
CRYOTHERAPY: Cryotherapy reduce sun and age spots by freezing the uppermost portion of the epidermis with CO2, without harming the lower layers of skin. Usually, the sun or age spot flakes away over the following month, leaving a clear, even skin tone.
Injections are used to minimize muscle activity and smooth areas of depression to create a more youthful appearance.
Full Spectrum Tattoo Removal: The Finery is fully certified and experienced laser professional company that use the most advanced laser technology in the industry.
Mobile Unit Service: The Finery mobile units are fully functional, federally certified, and licensed tattoo removal facilities that travel to you in a van! They have developed a system to effectively treat their clients in your business with minimal to zero footprint. No need to buy your own expensive laser equipment or hire and train technicians to provide tattoo removal. We’ve already got everything you need. Your trusted recommendation helps boost your own business too.
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