Taking a bath or a shower becomes a problem when you are of advanced age with the associated ailments. Old age is something which everyone has to face, and the things that seemed easy in the young age, becomes a difficult proposition in day to day life. One such thing is taking a bath or a shower. Just the thought about a wet bathroom floor is enough to put an elderly person abandon the idea of taking a bath as it is too risky. Walking on a wet and slippery floor always presents the risk of a nasty fall. And the steep edges of a bath tub are another factor which tests ones’ balancing skills, which an elderly person will definitely be lacking in.

This is the reason why the popularity of walk in bathtub and shower is increasing steadily. These tub shower combinations are cost effective and easy to install, so they are being snapped up by homeowners irrespective of the kind of bathrooms they have. The safety features of these tub showers make it the ideal bathing solution for the elderly or the physically infirm people. There is no need to balance or to take assistance from another family member or caregiver to take a bath. One can simply walk into a bathroom and get into these tubs by opening the door that is attached at the side of the tub. The door opens both ways so that the tub can be fitted in any kind of space, and any kind of bathroom.

These tubs come with faucets that let off a jet stream of water at your preferred temperature which is why these are called walk in bath tub with shower. In these tubs you can enjoy the luxury of taking a shower, again without the hazard of having to walk in to a shower stall which might be wet. You can comfortably walk into the tub shower and sit down on the attached seat that is also made of non slippery fiber, and with the help of the shower faucet enjoy a luxurious bath and shower. The features of these tubs are all custom made to make an elderly or infirm person comfortable in every way possible. The doors come with water tight seals so that no bath water can seep out and wet the floor. There’s a sit inside the tub, in which one can sit comfortably and take a shower.

In walk in bath tub with shower there is also the option of whirlpool jets which have medical benefits. There are people who with age suffer from arthritic pains and other muscle and joint pains. The handheld shower faucets with nozzles that are fitted into these tubs are ideal for anyone. These tubs are made of fiberglass or polycarbonate which prevents any chances of slipping, no matter how infirm the person is. The number of medical benefits or therapeutic benefits of such walk in bath tub with shower makes it ideal for any age group. They are helpful in reducing arthritic pain, helps calm the mind, increases blood circulation, eases muscle strains, aches and pains, reduces hemorrhoid, helps in mild colds, lowers fever, helps in metabolic functions and in some cases also aids in the sleeping process for those who have chronic insomnia. Thus, the safety features along with the medical benefits make these kind of tubs a must have in every household nowadays.

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The writer of this article,Jeo Nash, has her own showroom of bathroom fittings, and has extensively researched on the subject of walk in bath tub with shower and the several benefits that it offers.