Even after the emergence of Online food ordering, the rush in restaurants hasn't gone a bit down. In fact, more people are eating out than cooking at home.

Asimot POS is a product widely trusted and used by more than 100k customers nowadays. Cloud POS Software is designed to help businessman. It helps you to make your business anywhere anytime. It is specially designed for retailers to track inventory, control multiple branches at a single level with just clicks. Asimot POS Software in Chennai is best suited for Restaurant business. It is built to strength and takes your retail business to the next level.

Here is the list of features can be utilized to your retail business

Best Offline Capabilities

Asimot POS makes you a way to take your POS anyplace and will give you a possibility to make exchanges offline as well as online without any issue.

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Client Tracking

Asimot Retail POS Software in Chennai gives you extreme customer information, progressing, from all ranges, and you can exchange data to interface with your customer direct

Lessen Service and Kitchen Employee Training Time

  • Preparing time diminished with simple to-utilize POS programming
  • Industry’s best graphical UI
  • Most utilized Asimot POS Software around the world
  • Better Control of Restaurant Operating Costs
  • Quick choices through reports
  • Avert pointless expenses through stock control
  • Complete perspective of offers versus nourishment and work costs
  • Table-side requesting and installment

    installment gadgets and Handheld requesting are turning out to be very popular in the accommodation business, allowing food outlet representatives to send requests to the kitchen specifically from the table and in addition tolerating installment table-side. The visitors benefits from these gadgets since they increment speed of administration, permitting them to get their requests quicker.

    Acknowledgement of clients having their way to pay for the feast without their charge cards departing their sight. The greater part of suspect in the study likewise expressed that in their mind; table-side requesting was one of the top Cloud POS Software in Chennai and equipment patterns.

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