There are many programs that have emerged which claim to help in achieving weight loss. These programs have been advertised in television sets as well as newspapers and magazines. However, as expected, not many of these have lived up to their claims.

But at least there is one program that appears to deliver results, and this is the Red-Tea Detox. Read on to find out why this program is not just another marketing hype.

What Are The Ingredients Of Red Tea Detox?

• Rooibos herbs
• Honey blush
• Water

The Details Of The Red Tea Program

First, the red tea program was brought into light by Liz Swan Miller, author of several books and articles. The program contains various phases that have been detailed in the red tea packages. These phases will educate you on the techniques of dieting, exercising as well as self- awareness and motivation.

Why was the tea program started? The program was begun to assist people like you and me, especially those feeling depressed and ashamed of their body weight. The main motive behind the program is to help such people reclaim their health, fitness levels and overall happiness. Through this program, you can lose a lot of pounds in just a short time. Furthermore, it has helped women to shed off weight gained during pregnancy, so that these women may get back their fit body size.

What Makes The Tea Unique?

The tea has a very simple recipe that once taken, is able to control your diet intake. It prevents mood changes often caused by irritability due to low blood sugar. Also, it boosts your energy level by enabling you to ward off uncontrollable hunger and food cravings. Once you take it, you become more relaxed and calm.

Furthermore, your body will start to produce hormones which are beneficial to you, as opposed to inducing the hazardous ones. With specialized enzymes generated by the red tea, the fat burning enzyme activity gradually grinds to a standstill. The end result is that you will be able to shred quite a few pounds in a just few weeks, making you bring back your lost glow and confidence.

Importance Of The Red Tea Program

• It forces fat-cells to open up so they may release harmful toxins that then clog up the fat cells in our body.
• Reduces stress hormones such as cortisol in your body, which prevents your brain fat burning signals from being achieved.
• It prevents or regulates food cravings as well as hunger sensations.
• The program cleanses the released toxins as well as fat in your body.

• It regulates blood sugar.
• Prevents heart disease as well as diabetes, Alzheimer and other diseases in your body.
• It has less amount of tannin content.

Reasons Why People Drink Red Tea

• To boost energy levels.
• To control hunger and cravings.
• To eliminate rebound weight gain that’s normally triggered by skipped meals.
• To prevent mood changes and irritability caused by low blood sugar.


Evidently, the red tea has transformed many lives and is especially common among people who had encountered depression and difficulties in trying to cut weight.

Indeed, it has become one of the most popular natural solutions for losing weight the healthy and hassle-free way.


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