With more marijuana-infused food items entering the marijuana market, experts are reporting that a growing number of inexperienced cannabis consumers are experiencing unexpected highs, particularly due to marijuana edibles. In fact, many novice weed consumers are unable to determine the right dose, which is a key reason why they end up with unpleasant experiences.

While most subjects sleep off these uncomfortable sensations, more and more people are exposed to weed edibles, and most of them are still not aware of how its effects are different compared to smoked cannabis. Below are some handy tips and facts to consider about cannabis edibles before indulging in them.

1. The recommended novice dose is 5 milligrams. If you’re a novice, your first smart move is to do an in-depth study of edibles. Most dosing guidelines limit one dose to 10 milligrams of THC. Experienced edible consumers might find this dose small, but generally it’s safe for beginners to start with just 5 milligrams. Buy from reputable retailers that have labeling information on their products.

2. Eating edibles on an empty stomach can lead to unpleasant effects. Eating edibles on an empty stomach packs a powerful punch. Put something nutritious in your system first before you take a bite of those weed-infused brownies. Imagine weed as being similar to some prescription medications that advise patients to take the medicine with their meals.

3. The high effects can last for a while, so be comfortable. Look for a comfortable and relaxing location to sit, as you might want to stay in this same spot for a while. When consuming weed edibles, take your time as it can take a couple of hours before the edible kicks in. Remember that when you start to feel the intoxicating effects, the whole experience can last for a few hours.

4. A few bites of an edible can get you high. If you’re a cannabis novice, never eat an entire edible right off the bat. It’s best that you slowly introduce THC into your system. Start with a half dose. By micro-dosing the first few times, you can more accurately determine your optimum dosage. For some people, just two or three bites of an edible are enough to give you the psychoactive effects.

5. Mixing edibles and alcohol can be dangerous. Combining weed edibles and alcohol: a bad idea. While it’s common to see cannabis users smoke it while drinking, drinking while eating cannabis is a big no-no. First-time users report often experiencing an uncomfortable spinning sensation—and that’s not even the worst of it. Pair your edibles with fruit juice or water instead.

6. It’s not uncommon to feel some jitters after eating edibles. Even when you follow the rules of edibles consumption to a T, you can still feel some anxiety and jitters. This is not something to be concerned about, but try to stay calm and relax. Remain seated, close your eyes, breathe slowly and know that this experience will go away soon. Keep in mind that nobody has ever died from a marijuana overdose.

When done right, consuming edibles can be a great experience that you can share with your close friends. If you have more questions, visit or consult a reputable weed dispensary to ask their knowledgeable staff. They’ll probably be glad to offer you some more insight about cannabis edibles.

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