Generally we regularly witness lunar eclipses. Yet the number of solar eclipses too is not any less. The influence of solar eclipse is more on planet earth. This is especially when the sun is more hidden and is of the total eclipse variety.

In the 20 years of Era Junction that special chain of solar eclipses seen between the years 1980 AD to 2000 AD is definitely extraordinary. Both modern scientists and leading astrologers of the world term these as very inauspicious for us all. After 16th February 1980 in the next 20 years 2 more total solar eclipses shall occur. One of them will occur on 24th October 1995 and the 2nd will take place on 11th August 1999. Both shall be clearly seen in India. On 16th February 1980 a total solar eclipse took place which was the most important incident of this century in India. This is because the path of totality of this eclipse passed above the great land of India. The previous total solar eclipse that could clearly be seen in India occurred on 22nd January 1898.

This was seen in longitude 30 degrees west to 120 degrees east and latitude 60 degrees north to 35 degrees south hemisphere. This area encompassed Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaya, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Mongolia and Russia.

This eclipse occurred in India in the western mountains of Akola (Karnatak) at 3 hours 39 minutes. Moon’s shadow that fell on earth at that time while traveling from north-east direction passing by Andhra Pradesh and Orissa region passed by after touching eastern seashore of Jagganath Puri at 3 hours 56 minutes (Indian Standard Time). After this a small region called Mizoram too was influenced by this eclipse.

During the total phase of the eclipse in the dark sky only shining stars and planets Mercury/Venus are seen with the eyes.

In this time span instead of seeing sunlight directly should be seen after diminishing its brilliance 100,000 times. The ultraviolet and infrared portion of solar rays must not be seen directly. In order to make arrangements for this special glass filters are made use of. By doubling the film of photography of black expose such eclipses can be seen. Even the dark ark of a welder and lenses are made use of for this purpose.

The total solar eclipse seen in February 1980 was looked upon not only by renowned astrologers but by well known scientists of the world too as disastrous. On 14th January in the newspaper ‘Dainik Hindustan’ it was reported that modern scientists found out that during this solar eclipse a lot of Gama radiations would be emitted. In some way or the other these Gama radiations shall prove to be malefic as far as health of all world living beings is concerned. At such an hour, there is a great possibility of the blood pressure of humans increasing and utter fearful chaos spreading in the lives of other creatures. Scientists have especially warned pregnant women not to move outside their homes during this solar eclipse. Because at the time of eclipse various radiations emitted by the sun can harm the fetus in the womb.

In the year 1980 a total solar eclipse occurred. Apart from this a very important incident took place wherein there was one particular year in which the 11 year cycle of sunspots on the sun got completed. During this year the number of sunspots increased on the sun as a result of which terrific magnetic storms shall ensue on earth along with which solar winds and solar heat shall prove to be more heinous. In these days intensity of dangerous ultraviolet rays too shall augment alarmingly as a result of which regions in latitudes/longitudes nearby the equator (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma and other Asian nations) shall undergo intense heat, violent storms and heavy downpour of rain causing untold flooding. Earthquakes shall manifest and volcanoes shall erupt in a fiery manner.

Solar eclipse is one of those wondrous images of nature. This is possible only on a new moon day. It means that the moon lies between the earth and sun. This hence obstructs sunlight traveling to earth and becomes the cause of an eclipse. Lunar eclipse can be seen in the contemporary region of its light but solar eclipse can be seen only in a region that is at the most 10000 km long and 250 km wide. The actual time span of a total solar eclipse is at the most 7.5 minutes.

From the standpoint of astronomers and material sciences too total solar eclipse is an apt incident meant for research studies. It is because at this time the solar atmosphere can be best studied in depth.

At the hour of total solar eclipse on the upper layer of the sun such changes is seen one after the other. In the sun’s Chromo sphere due to union of many chemicals lines with black spots are noted.

At first the moon’s dark shadow is seen which appears to touch a certain portion of the round sun. Slowly the entire sun gets covered and light stars diminishing. The air becomes cool and trembling commences. When only a very minor aura of the sun remains the sky becomes dark. Sometimes around the sun an aura akin to a golden ring is visualized. After a few moments the entire sun disappears and a very mild white aura is seen. Sometimes red flames are seen spreading. At that time when demonic darkness spreads out its gigantic arms in all directions animals get agitated, birds cringe in their nests and many flowers close their petals. At that hour only astronomers along with total deftness silently immerse themselves in studying eclipses with their apparatus and advanced technology.

With the intention of studying in a better manner astronomers gather at such a place where the total solar eclipse can be seen for more time. Many months beforehand they prepare for this great event. Scientific apparatus and technology are transported to these regions lying thousands of kilometers away. This is done even if the area is in the midst of a dark jungle or on an island in mid ocean. Just as in 20th June 1955 in Sri Lanka arrangements were made to witness a solar eclipse best viewed there.

Akin to the rare interstellar planetary union to take place in 1982, in the 20th century such planets have come together only twice. In one year itself 7 eclipses were seen. In the 20th century for the first time this happened in 1917. At that time 4 solar eclipses and 3 lunar eclipses had occurred. Two eclipses in each month of January, July and December and in June one eclipse occurred. The 2nd time in 1935 7 eclipses were seen wherein 5 were solar and 2 were lunar eclipses. In January 2 eclipses, 1 in February, 3 in July and 1 in December were seen. After this in 1982, 7 eclipses took place and its chain was exactly as seen in 1917. It means 2 in January, 1 in June, 2 in July and 2 in December.

This chain of eclipses is falling on the axis of Sagittarius and Gemini Zodiac Sign. Hence those countries and cities that dwell in the middle of this axis or in which there is a linear confluence on the equator shall definitely face undesirable effects of these eclipses. Thus modern scientists opine that USA, Belgium, England, Turkey, West Indies, Brazil, Egypt, Switzerland, Australia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Lancashire, Sahara Dessert, Norway etc shall face malefic influences of this chain of planetary confluence. The planets have united in Libra Zodiac Sign. Thus even China, Russia and Muslim nations shall face dire influences.

The total solar eclipse to take place in 16th February 1980 can be taken to be a premonition of fearful world events taking place in 1982. Similar such total solar eclipses took place in 21st August 1914 and in 29th May 1938. These took place before 1st world war and 2nd world war in that order. The total solar eclipse of 1980 was bigger than that of the years 1914 and 1938. Never has such a more terrible total solar eclipse taken place in the 20th century. It had taken place 2 years before the 20th century in the year 1898. In those days on an average of a time span of 30 years famine had reached its nadir. In those days are looming large around our scalps the possibility of a heinous famine.

In February 1982 in the direction of the sun the earth was all other planets in a straight line were in the opposite direction and the latter’s leader was Jupiter planet. Yet the surface and level of all these planets were varied.

In November 1982 the sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto united in Libra Zodiac Sign. This was an inauspicious dire situation for all mankind. But even a more harmful confluence of planets was noted before this in 21st August to 11th December 1982 when 6 planets viz. Rahu, sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus confluence in the terrific Leo Zodiac Sign. According to leading astrologers most definitely such confluences were especially venomous for the entire world. But this does not mean that total world humanity shall get destroyed at one go.

Till today amongst all the total solar eclipses noted the most ancient one in 2137 BC was seen on October 22 which has been detailed in the Chinese Newspaper ‘Shu Ching’. At that time 2 royal astrologers ‘Si’ and ‘Ho’ guzzled so much alcohol that they started staggering and could not study. The emperor hence punished them severely.

An Austrian astronomer T Apolzer in 1987 published a book of his research data called ‘Canonder Finsternise’. In it he has given details of 8000 solar eclipses and 5200 lunar eclipses. These had occurred up till 1207 BC and those that were to take place till 2161 AD.

In the 19th century 4 total eclipses were seen in India. The 1st took place on December 21, 1843 which was mainly seen in South India but whose records are not available. The 2nd was in 18th August, 1868. This was studied and recorded by an astronomer N R Pagson in Macchalipatnam. The great French astronomer J Jeansin too had come to India for this purpose. The 3rd total solar eclipse took place on 12th December 1971. The Madras astronomer Avnashi studied it in his Coimbatore Observatory.

The final total solar eclipse of the 19th century occurred in 1898 which was seen in Central India. The same was noted, studied and observed minutely by many renowned English and American astronomers. Sir Jarmon Laker and Prof A Fowler in Vijaydurg, astronomer Sir William Christi and Prof HH Turner in Shedol, Amercian astrologer WW Campbell in Jaber and John Evershod in Talni observed and recorded it. This time in Osmania University, Hyderabad the eclipse of 16th February 1980 was studied in detail. For this special technology was used costing 0.4 million rupees. Scientists the world over made efforts to study its influence.

The total solar eclipse seen in 16th February 1980 took place in Indian peninsula. It commenced at sunrise in southern region of South-West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. After this after passing by Central Africa and Indian Ocean it was seen in India. Over and above this after passing over Burma it ended at sunset time in China.

This eclipse in India was seen at first in Karwad on its western shores. As per Indian Standard Time it was 2.17. After that it passed over Gudag, Raipur, Dornakal to ultimately end on the eastern shores in Puri. It was seen at 2 hours 25 minutes in Raipur and at 2 hours 42 minutes in Puri. In Karwad for totally 2 hours 40 minutes, in Guag 2 hours 45 minutes, in Raipur 2 hours 40 minutes, in Dornakal 2 hours 45 minutes and in Puri it was seen for 2 hours 20 minutes. The other regions in which it was seen completely were Dharwad, Hubli, Mehboobnagar, Nalgoda, Khamam, Bhadrachalam, Koraput, Vavili and Bhubhaneshwar.

In some cities in India the eclipse was seen as follows:

Hyderabad at 2.28 minutes, in Mumbai 2.19 minutes, in Delhi 2.36 minutes, in Kolkata 2.47 minutes, in Ahmedabad 2.20 minutes, in Bhopal 2.30 minutes and in Lucknow 2.40 minutes.

In the year 1980 4 eclipses occurred. The first was a total solar eclipse on 16th February, the second was a lunar eclipse on 1st March, third was a lunar eclipse on 27th July and on 10th August a total solar eclipse occurred. It is noteworthy that that all these 4 eclipses viz. solar and lunar and lunar and solar respectively took place within a time period of 15 days. On page number 146 of the the famous text of Islam religion called ‘Mauj Jat Masiha’ regarding Hazrat Imam Bakar it is written: When lunar and solar eclipse shall take place in a time period of 15 days it will be proved that the time of Quyamat has come close.

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