Although you may not see many RVs in India, but a few passionate travelers are taking this trend forward. As soon as something grabs demand in this multi-cultural country, the number of providers and supporters for the same come up as well. Even though there are not many commercial RV sites as of now, there is no dearth of places that you can utilize for a free parking. It means that you may even find professionally designed RV parks that cater to the needs of travelers. If you are contemplating RVing across India, you need to keep a few things in mind at present.

The roads in India

The highways and expressways in India are well built to let you sail through them to reach the destination as early as possible. However, you must not expect much from the inner roads of cities and a few state highways as well. Very few parts in India are ideal for a smooth road trip, whether you drive your own car or an RV, which requires significant expertise. You will have to pay toll taxes at most of the national and state highways.

Handling an RV

Since an RV is a huge vehicle, you need to be a perfect driver to handle it. You may also need to practice driving an RV by renting it from a dealer before you rent or buy it for your vacation. The toll tax cost for a huge vehicle is also high, which means you will be paying more than the regular cars. If you are an Indian, you must be aware of the not-so-good driving sense of Indian drivers on roads, which give equal space to the pedestrians, bikes, cars trucks, buses, and cyclists. Most motor-vehicle drivers like to honk a lot to mark their presence around you. You have to cope with everyone on the road to reach where you want.

Even though driving through the metropolitans of India can literally give you a headache, you will find it a pleasure to drive through the mountains. Needless to say that the curvy roads of the mountains require expertise in driving, especially when it is an RV.

Renting an RV

There are a few dealers in India who offer the RV rentals in addition to fancy cars on rent. Since it is really expensive to buy an RV, especially when it is your first trip, it is better to rent it even if the cost seems quite high to you. You never know, you may want to drive an RV again or not because of the costs and inconveniences that come along with the pleasures. You have to be a tough person to drive through a developing country like India in an RV. Therefore, you must test yourself by renting the vehicle instead of buying it.

Parking an RV

You may not find any commercial parking spaces for an RV that provide you with water and electricity in India. However, you can easily park the vehicle at any tourist place with the due permission of course. There are thousands of open grounds that do not require you to pay any fee for parking. If you want to use the bathroom or have electricity, you may ask a small-time hotel to let you do so at a nominal fee. You can also ask any establishment to let you know the weekly rent, rather than the daily pass, to make it more economical.

Driving through the lengths and breadths of a lively nation like India in an RV is once in a lifetime experience, and you must surely do it if you get an opportunity.


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The author of this article is fond of roaming with Self Drive Cars on his own for exploring the India. Here he want to share his experience and some advice while travelling which can help everyone while travelling anywhere in India.