When it comes to the most prevailing industries across the globe, event management companies surely stand out. It is the courtesy of these event planning companies that we get to enjoy those ecstatic concerts, shows, live programs, and weddings etc. that we attend in different cities of different countries. Now, imagine all of these event planning companies deciding to gather at one location, where all the vendors, decision maker, and hospitality professionals etc. are present. That is what the Event Planner Expo brings to the table.

It’s a Phenomenon
The Event Planner Expo is a phenomenon, a mega event that takes places annually. it was initiated back in 2012 Erica Maurer and Mario Stewart through the New York-based event management company, EMRG Media. This mega expo takes place in New York creating an alluring venue for all the event planning companies around New York.
The crux of The Event Planner Expo is to build strategic partnerships among the planners and other professional creating a seamless harmony within the industry. With such an initiative, the Expo has been set out to take the quality of events in the United States to undescended heights. The Event Planner Expo also features the latest design trends that are being adopted by the big fish in the game, making the event a learning and grooming opportunity for newbies who want to pursue a career in event planning and management. Smaller companies receive great exposure of what trends the major event planning companies are following.

The Staggering Scale of Events
Since 2012, The Event Planner Expo has already been conducted six times, ensuring more to offer to the participants each year. The seventh Event Planner Expo is set to take place in 2019 in October. Potential participants from all over the country and abroad are pouring in with registrations to become a part of the 7th edition of this massive event.

The Event Planner Expo provides a platform for event professionals to forge lasting relationships, increase business, gain inspiration, and learn from industry thought leaders. As of now, there are over 3000 professionals and 150+ exhibitors who are a part of this annual event.

The Event Expo 2018 was attended by some of the most elite professionals and companies in the US including JP Morgan Chase, Google, UBS, MTV, and more!

Attracting Due Recognition
It is near to impossible for an event on such a scale to unnoticed. The expo as received mentions from Adweek, BuzzFeed, Medium, and more. In fact, Eventbrite dubbed The Event Planner Expo as one of the top ten events that took place in both 2017 and 2018 consecutively. A piece published on New York University platform labeled The Event Planner Expo as the "Premier Tradeshow For The Events and Hospitality Industry". There have been several other magazines and articles that have covered this event in the limelight through the years.

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