Termite treatment

In Martin County, drywood termites can be very challenging and difficult to treat and finding a drywood termite treatment Martin County service to provide the best treatment can is very important. There is a lot of advice for homeowners and throwing away infested furniture immediately is one of them.

The truth, however, is that discarding infested furniture is kind of costly because it may only be a small portion of the large furniture that is being chewed. This would, then, involve major renovation or carpentry overhaul and this too incurs a high cost. Homeowners are encouraged to seek out professional drywood termite Martin County solutions to keep the situation under control. Professional treatment services know Martin County now make use of technology in addition to their expertise to enhance the treatment of termite infestation. One of such techniques being used is foaming technology.

How Drywood Foaming Works

When you hire a drywood termite treatment Martin County service, a treatment called drywood foaming may be used. Here is a step by step breakdown of what drywood foaming looks like –

  1. First, all infested spots must be identified. This will be done through professional inspection to pinpoint the areas that are being fed on by termites. Termite activity is evident if the wood surfaces are damaged and have a hollow sound. Also, termite frass would be spotted on the affected areas, as well as underneath the damaged area.
  2. Next, all termite droppings will be swept and vacuumed to enable the effective performance of the foaming treatment because termite frass could inhibit the flow of the foam during treatment.
  3. Next, small holes will be drilled into affected areas to help in opening pathways for the injection of the treatment. The holes are drilled in a strategic manner to ensure that the foam gets to all nooks and hidden spots.
  4. Next, the professional treatment service providers prepare the pump, as well as the generator. The appropriate volume of chemicals is mixed inside the pump and then the generator is connected to supply the pressure needed by the spray pump.
  5. Then, the solution gets pumped right into the holes with a lot of pressure supplied by the generator. You’ll get to see the foam flowing down the infested area as it deals with any drywood termite colonies in the wood.

The foam treatment applied by the drywood termite treatment Martin County professionals is very efficient as it reaches every crevice within your furniture. The solution leaves a layer that protects the wood from subsequent termite attacks. These professionals have the right training and once the treatment process is concluded, they get to apply the appropriate fillers that will be used to get the drilled holes patched up.

How to prepare for the treatment

Homeowners can take steps to prepare their home for the treatment to ensure a smooth process. Here are some points to take down to help you prepare your home when you hire a professional drywood termite treatment Martin County service –

  • Make sure that space is cleared out to enable the technicians to perform a more effective treatment. Cramped spaces can impede the job to be done.
  • Clear out the affected furniture and keep away all valuables so as to give the technicians the room to perform their job more efficiently, especially, when the affected area has been cleared out.
  • Try to make available a power point to help facilitate the drilling job. The generator will need a good powerpoint for pumping purposes.
  • Ensure that you cover all food and conceal the utensils used in the kitchen.
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