If you are an environmentally conscious parent you have probably put some thought into how the things that you buy for your children are affecting the environment. After all, you want the earth’s natural resources to be around for your children when they grow up! However, have you thought about how environmentally friendly the toys that your children play with are?

One of the most eco-conscious changes that you can make when buying toys for your toddlers is to buy wooden toys in the UK rather than plastic ones. Here are some of the earth-friendly advantages that wooden toys offer:


At first it might seem that buying wooden toys in the UK would be bad for the environment. Surely it means that more trees will be chopped down, doesn’t it? However, most wooden toys manufactured by reputable brands these days are made from sustainable and renewable sources such as tree farms. These sustainable forestry methods encourage reforestation and do not harm the environment.

In comparison to plastic toys which are manufactured in large factories which leach chemicals into the environment, the majority of wooden toys in the UK are much more environmentally friendly.


One of the reasons that using wooden toys in the UK that are manufactured by leading brands is good for the environment is because these toys will last years longer than their plastic counterparts. Plastic toys usually wear out and break quickly and need to be replaced, creating a lot of waste. Waste is created when these toys are thrown away as well as the carbon emissions that are needed to produce new ones to replace them. A well-built traditional wooden toy can last for generations instead of ending up in the rubbish bin.


Even if a wooden toy does end up getting thrown away, it will not stay around for a long time. Plastic toys which are in landfills can stay there for years and years without breaking down. Wood is biodegradable so it will eventually return to the earth.

Health Benefits

Using good quality wooden toys in the UK is also a lot healthier for your children, because they do not contain the PVC, phthalates, lead, or bisphenol-A that some plastic toys have been known to have. When you buy a wooden toy you will know that it is non-toxic and safe for your toddler to put in their mouth.

So why buy cheap plastic toys when you could provide your child with high quality wooden toys in the UK which will stimulate their creativity and entertain them for a long time? When you choose branded and good quality wooden toys in the UK you will not only be giving your child something beautiful to play with, you will also be helping to keep Mother Nature pristine and healthy so that when your children grow up they can enjoy the beautiful world that we live in.

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There are many environmental advantages to buying wooden toys UK rather than plastic children’s playthings.